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Subject: The Second Week: Tract and Travel—Letter from July 16, 2013

Austin and his first companion and trainer, Elder Argyle.

Austin and his first companion and trainer, Elder Argyle.

This week was a lot less shaky for me. I’m starting to gain more confidence as a missionary! Still haven’t gotten a chance to mail home some pictures but I’ll try and get to it today. I’ve been taking lots of panoramics. (panoramic photos)

So all we really did this week was tract and drive to meetings. There was an entire day we spent just driving to meetings. That’s because Brookings is about one mile north of the CA border and so it’s a five-hour drive to Eugene where the mission is based :P

I’m not really sure what to write about tracting. It’s just been a struggle. People shut us out all…the….time. When we are able to actually teach it’s great, but tracting is SOOO unsuccessful. So we’re crusading to get members to help in the missionary work. We really feel the Spirit guiding us to that and the Bishop does as well. We’ve been organizing presentations to give to families and leadership in the church and we hope that we can get the ward really pumped to help us out. We really need to be teaching as missionaries. Full time TEACHERS, not full time FINDERS.

It really makes me feel like I should have been helping out in this respect all along. It feels harsh to now expect from members what I myself never gave. All we’re really asking is that they make the gospel a lifestyle and not something reserved for Sunday, although that still is something a little hard to imagine. This is where technology comes in. We have a video, “I’ll Go Where You Want Me to Go”, that they showed at the broadcast that gets the point across perfectly. All we have to do is offer ourselves to others. Serve, and when the opportunity presents itself, not be afraid to invite. We need people here in Brookings-and I’m sure it’s true all over the world-to trust us, and that trust has to come through the members to us. Otherwise it’s all too easy for people to shut us out and/or have us over simply for consolation or conversation rather than to learn of the gospel.

I think of everyone back home a lot. Not longingly, and not distractingly, but to help me work through things both for myself and investigators. It’s amazing how one person’s problem you see manifests itself in others. And in myself, I often ask myself what another person might say in response to questions I have. So truly, it’s not just myself and God out here on this mission.

Well, there’s really not too much else to say about the week. It’s been really slow. We ride bikes all day and try and talk to people. The work within the ward is really all that’s been counting for anything. Hopefully things take off sometime soon here. There are around 24 different churches in this area and so it’s very difficult to get trust from anyone. Not only that but the Jehovah Witnesses sabotage us sometimes :P At least the area’s beautiful. I think you’ll all love my pictures ;)

Thinking of you all,

Elder Rushton


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