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Commitment and Re-Commitment

Austin Rushton manning LDS booth

Austin manning a booth at the local fair

This week, we went to Zone Training Meeting on Friday. In it, our Zone Leaders put us through a “boot camp” and had us recommit ourselves to missionary work. They all had us sign a contract of sorts and physically make that commitment to not slack off. The rest of the meeting was all based around that.

I pretty much just went through the motions. “Yeah yeah, President Young wants us to not slack off and whatever, got it.” I didn’t understand why they were putting us through this AGAIN. It seemed like every time we would meet the message was on diligence or obedience, and I just kind of started to write it off because it was something I had heard a million times before.

Then it hit me. The gospel is repetitive. And why? Because there are things contained in there that we’re not seeing, regardless of what we think we know. Because, if we were living all of these things, we would not need reminders and life would be perfect. Because our Heavenly Father loves us, and in order to receive all of His promised blessings, we must internalize these things.

I see this again and again as a missionary. Less-actives, investigators, and even members need to be taught these lessons again and again, and every time it reminds them of some important principle they are missing. I watch as these people listen to the promptings of the Spirit to guide them to follow the counsel of their Heavenly Father, and when they do this they flourish in happiness and success.

 Unfortunately, I see far more often the opposite. People disregard the messages. They do not pay attention. They think they have heard it enough and know the principle already. But they are not living it. They are not asking why our Heavenly Father has given them this message at this particular time. They are not striving to follow His counsel.

We all sin. We all ignore our Heavenly Father’s counsel at times and break His commandments. This leads us to unhappiness, pain, and uncleanliness. We are imperfect, and therefore cannot inherit the Kingdom of Heaven.

When we repent, we cleanse ourselves of such things. But, in order to fully become clean, we must be baptized. This is commitment. Commitment to our Heavenly Father that we will never again break the commandments and will strive to do all we can to not. But then we all do. We all fall back into sin.

This is the importance of recommitment. We recommit ourselves through the sacrament to those same promises. We show our Heavenly Father that we are doing our absolute most to follow Him and keep His commandments. Without the recommitment, we may as well condemn ourselves forever.

I encourage all of you to never give up. Christ taught us to “be ye therefore perfect”, and He knew he was not asking something impossible. Each of us is perfect, if we will not stop committing and recommitting to follow Him and become better. We ought never to suppose we are good enough where we stand. Even so, we must not lose hope. We can have that hope that through the Savior, we will be perfected, and we will never again be subject to sin.

Love you all, and never stop recommitting yourselves to follow His counsel.

-Elder Rushton

P.s., for those who are interested, the only thing holding our oldest investigator back from baptism is coffee. We reset his date for the 28th. He loves church though, and is continuing to learn

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