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Basically the greater portion of this week was spent picking up my brand new Elder, Elder Mock. Like everything else in my mission, Elder Mock departs from the traditionally established cut-and-dry missionary experience. He is 23 years old, is from Wichita, Kansas, recently returned to activity in the church, and is a former EMT, but most importantly he has a great testimony that makes him an easy trainee.

After picking Elder Mock up, we got to spend the night in Eugene at the office elders’ less-than-stellar apartment because they had lost his luggage on the flight over. In the morning, we grabbed his luggage from President and Sister Young and drove five straight hours back to Brookings without even stopping to use the bathroom. Probably the biggest miracle there was that I drove the whole thing without falling asleep!

After we returned to our area, I showed Elder Mock around and introduced him to a few of the members of the ward. Then in the morning……..more driving. To Bandon. And then back again. For a total of another four and a half hours! So yes, in two days we drove for approximately ten hours and got almost no missionary work done. EXCEPT, on Thursday we had a baptismal interview.

Problem. Our baptism interviewee committed to pay tithing WHEN HE GOT THE MONEY. So we had to go over there Friday, explain to him AGAIN the principle of tithing and sacrifice, and commit him to it now or else have to push his date back another week or several weeks. This is where Elder Mock really got to prove himself. He was able to get our investigator to say a kneeling prayer while we were there, and afterwards, he sat back in his chair and said, “Okay, I’ll commit to pay tithing.” It was the most awesome feeling. So we called the Zone Leaders and had him tell them he would pay tithing, and then we were back on for Saturday! That was just way to close for comfort….

Now, he has been baptized and confirmed, and is our newest member! He’s my first ever baptism! Not only that, but we were also able to get another person, on date to be baptized in our first lesson with her! So yeah, two small victories for us, despite the fact that we only taught a total of about three lessons this week.

Sunday we also had our big push for member missionary work. It was kind of like watching a crashing plane.

We had everyone combined for the third hour on Sunday for a presentation organized by the High Priest Group Leader. The first sign of trouble? He got sick and stayed home. So they took his outline and tried to use it, but basically what it turned into was a bunch of people confused as to what the purpose of the meeting was supposed to be. It seemed like the speakers really didn’t even know what they were supposed to be doing in their talks! We had prepared everything for this–our talks last Sunday were focused on ward missionary efforts, the Bishop called on everyone to fast for the ward missionary efforts, and we even brought them a baptism–and it had just sputtered and died. Time to start over I guess…..

The rain has been coming down. Yesterday, we got drenched from head to toe, and my old pair of Sunday shoes is basically ruined. Nothing is waterproof to three hours of walking in the pouring rain I suppose. I really, really hope the ward starts preparing people to be taught by us so that we don’t have to do that again.

Sorry if I worried everyone with my last letter. Obviously I’m stressed, stress is just a normal part of life, but I did want to make a point. Maybe it was just a point to myself, but it was a point nevertheless. I’m alive though, and gaining weight still. Haha, it might just be from the puddles in my shoes though.

Hope you all have a good week, love ya!

-Elder Rushton


Austin jumps in front of the Welcome To Oregon sign

Austin at the Oregon-California state line.


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