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Santa Clara 6th

Austin Halloween 2013 Brookings, Oregon

Austin Halloween 2013 Brookings, Oregon

So I wasn’t able to get out a letter yesterday due to transfers, but now that I’m where I need to be, I finally get to send my weekly letter!

I left Brookings yesterday at approximately 8:30am. I arrived here at about 5pm the same day. I am now very glad to no longer have to take long car rides!

Santa Clara is just above Eugene, and is definitely a much lovlier place to be than Eugene, i.e., I don’t feel there’s so much risk of being attacked by a crazy here. It’s a great ward, from what I’ve heard and seen thus far, but just like Brookings, is lacking communication between the ward leaders and the full-time missionaries, so I know it’s where I need to be.

My last few days in Brookings were a little, sad, but I would say that I finished strong. It was a solemn experience to just take a step back and look at all that had happened since I arrived there. It was humbling and gratifying to have everyone I had worked with thank me and say goodbye. I got to witness my only convert pass the sacrament for the first time, and after I told him I was leaving, he thanked me, shook my hand, and said “I owe you a big one”. A man I worked closely with after his reactivation also spoke to me and thanked me for my service. He told me he had no doubt that I would make a sincere difference wherever I went, and gave me one of his favorite ties. Various ward leaders and members also made similar comments.

Hearing all of this and seeing all that happened I felt an enormous sense of peace with the area. I was able to leave, confident that Brookings was in good hands. Not just with Elder Mock, but with the ward leaders with whom I had worked so closely. I know that everything I could have done for Brookings, I did, and I know that it will pay off there.

Now, I face the same challenge all over again in Santa Clara. Only, this time, I face it with a knowledge that it will work out, rather than just the faith that it will. Santa Clara 6th has only had one convert baptism in the last year, the ward has all but given up on their efforts, and the ward leaders, while sincerely invested in the missionary efforts, are losing hope that the work will ever progress here. It is now my job to lift this ward, and it’s a job I know I can handle because it’s been done before and because I know it’s what Heavenly Father wants for this area.

If any of you feel it necessary, my new street address is

2940 Crescent Ave #280
Eugene, OR 97408

Otherwise, just send it to the mission office and it shouldn’t take long to get to me, plus it won’t ever get lost if I get transferred.

55 West 29th Ave Suite A
Eugene, OR 97405

Remember, I love hearing from all of you and want to do what I can in whatever limited way I can to help you with anything or answer any questions you may have for me! Have a great week everybody, and I’ll make sure I do too!

-Elder Rushton

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