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When in Sodom….

Elder Austin Rushton with Salad

Austin with his Halloween Monster salad.

Hahaha, okay, I realize I may have worried some of you with that title, but don’t worry, I have yet to break any commandments!

However, I do want to paint a picture in all of your minds as to why Eugene has been called a modern day Sodom and Gomorrah, and how it plays into my work out here.

In Eugene, it is rare to see a smile. Really. Everyone we pass on the streets just looks really down. On top of that, broken families are ALL OVER. Families made up of a father, mother, and children are as rare as whales beached on mountains. There is always one of those aspects missing, as well as lack of a legal marriage or other things. But all that’s only the start. One of the only groups of people we consistently find a little receptive are the youth, but even then most youth here have already fallen into drugs, sex, or atheism before they graduate High School. Marijuana is everywhere, there are “adult” stores on every other street corner in some places (not an exaggeration), and Oregon is already known for its liberal political beliefs. It’s not uncommon to be yelled at from cars or elsewhere and mocked for our standards, especially regarding chastity. And of course, I would be leaving out an important part of the picture if I didn’t mention all the homeless people around here.

Anyhow, all of this combined makes it very difficult to get into homes. Those who do have religious beliefs are pretty screwy, probably due to the environment they’re living in. Everyone here seems to feel very threatened whenever anyone approaches them with a new idea. They do not want to change, and I hate to say it but when you’re confronted with atheistic ideas, unless you shut yourself away you are very threatened by them. That is, unless you’re a Mormon ;)

This week was very very slow. We got railed on by the Zone Leaders after Elder Sanders put on a great District Meeting for “not being diligent enough”. So apparently I need to work harder. The question naturally to be begged is, “how?”

So that’s been my focus is to figure out how I can cast a broader net. What we’re doing is not working, and it’s not because we’re not trying, but rather because we lack the resources to apply our efforts with. So an increase in resources will yield better results….what a novel concept!

Alright everyone, sorry for the shorter letter today. I hope you all got something out of it! Love you all, keep on being awesome!
-Elder Rushton

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