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Change and the Atonement

Elder Austin Rushton riding in car

Elder Rushton Takes a Selfie.

This past week has been probably the biggest week of my life in terms of change. Every aspect of my life has changed, and it is not the same as it was last week! The oddest thing is that it’s actually better than it was. I suppose that’s what happens when you follow the Spirit without trying to debate with it.

In our last Ward Council, we had a very great discussion that was exemplary of everything I experienced this past week. We were discussing Home and Visiting Teaching, and how important it is in the grand perspective of things. We talked about how it is missionary work. We talked about what is to be done about the low percentage their was in the Ward, and how many members with a low teaching percentage may just be hesitant to go teach certain families because they’ve neglected them for so long. The solution, I suggested, was Jesus Christ.

Through Jesus Christ, our mistakes can be forgiven. That means that even now, if you have sins that you have been committing for years upon years, you need not be afraid to forsake them. Because Christ has atoned. I have a strong testimony now that if we will pray and ask God for help to do this–no matter what it is–he will make all things work together for our good. Repentance of sins does not bring misery, not even for a moment. Not if we follow the spirit and do it appropriately. Jesus Christ will forgive you. The people you have wronged will forgive you. God will forgive you.

I saw this all week. My resolve now is to strive to be perfect every day, and when I fall short, to not stop trying or let it hold me back. The Atonement really is the great equalizer. It will raise us and it will bring anyone who exercises its power through repentance everlasting happiness.

Love you all, and I hope to write more next week,

Elder Rushton

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