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Change and the Atonement

Austin Rushton and the Oregon Elders

Austin and the Oregon missionaries.

In the past several weeks, I have had to overcome many trials. I’ve had to endure criticisms and doubts from nonmembers, members, and missionaries alike. I’ve had to witness many give up, and resign themselves to failure. Members have stopped trying, and missionaries I have become close with have gone home. Yet I have not become dragged down by it. I am passing through the fiery furnace unscathed.

How is it that this is possible? How is it that there exists all this sadness, depression, and lack of resolve, even within the church? I myself suffered these symptoms and it has taken me all these months to overcome it; it has taken me all this time to turn to my Heavenly Father.

The secret is simple. Do the basics. I prayed a lot, studied a lot, and even fasted on more than one occasion. In pursuit of what? To know my Heavenly Father’s will for me. When I did so, He revealed it to me, and that has made all the difference. This is the great secret to missionary work and to life. We are here to prove to God that we will do all things whatsoever He will command us. If we do, we shall have glory added upon our heads forever; we shall have eternal life

*And this is life eternal, to know thee the only true and living God, and Jesus Christ whom thou hast sent.”

I know and understand more now about my Father in Heaven than ever. He is my hope, my faith, and my anchor. I know that I can do no better thing than to subject myself to His will wholly, unshakably, and without doubting. I have had to do this by questioning Him. He beckons to all to ask, seek, and knock, and He promises we shall find. As I have come to know Him, I have become stronger, steadfast and immovable, and have grown in my faith that I might, through His power, overcome all obstacles.

Every lesson we have is great, however few they may be. This cannot change, except my Heavenly Father shall will it to be so, and this for the purpose of turning me closer unto Him.

I am coming to know Him. I invite all to do so. I am His son and He is my Father. This is the testimony which is in me, and the one I must have to become successful. Only through His Son is this possible. And I know now that with God, nothing shall be impossible. Even so, He is with only those who are with Him.

Love you all,

-Elder Rushton

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