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Farther, Faster Jan 27th 2014

Elder Austin Rushton and Elder Sanders

Elder Rushton and Elder Sanders Get Ready To Work in Oregon

When I used to run back home, my goal every time at the end of a run was twofold: I wanted to run farther than anyone else I was with, and get there faster than them. Most times, I would just use this to just push myself faster and farther than I had gone the day before, but occasionally I would use the mantra to get me to the end of a hard run.

Every day we go out running in the mission field, that’s still my goal! If we’re at a track, I catch myself trying to go farther than my companion faster than him; if he runs a mile, I try to finish two before he knocks out the one! Granted I’m not always successful in that endeavor, but it definitely keeps my pace from slowing down!

While I learned it running, the principle behind “farther faster” is universal. In a world where we are surrounded by people trying to cut corners, it is all too easy to just try “hard enough” or be “good enough”. Often our goal is only to do this, and no more! While it’s good to be satisfied with the things we have done well, we should never stop trying to be better.

A music director I had at Weber State University explained this concept as the difference between “Playing to Win” and “Playing Not to Lose”. Personally, I want to do much more than just not lose, I want to win. I want to win in this mission, and in my life. I want to go farther faster.

The other night, I got the opportunity to attend a multi-eagle court of honor. There were six boys receiving the award, and the cultural hall was standing-room-only for the audience. When the time came for them to repeat the Eagle Oath, it was immensely gratifying for me to be able to stand with the other eagles in the room and repeat it.

Had I not gone farther faster to obtain the award years earlier, I would have been deprived of that experience. I was ahead of most scouts at the rank of Life, but, with the help of loving parents and great leaders, I pushed just a little harder and obtained the eagle award, and now it is hard to imagine my life without it!

When we play to win and help others to do the same, everyone wins. There really is no disadvantage, and any mistakes along the way can and will be forgiven.

When the plan of salvation was first presented in Heaven’s grand council, there were two plans presented: Jesus Christ’s and Lucifer’s. Lucifer wanted to make it impossible for us to lose. Christ wanted us to win; to go farther faster than Lucifer ever could have taken us.

I promise everyone who sees or reads this email that as they strive to go “farther faster” in all aspects of their lives, they will be successful. It is impossible to fail when you find it in yourself to do your best in Christ.

Know that you have my vote of confidence. You can win. You can be better, and you can eventually become perfected. It is possible, and it is a promise.

Love you all,

Elder Rushton

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  • LeAnn Rushton

    This is a most profound letter! Thanks for the inspirational message in it! Have a happy day–and know that we all love you and remember you in our prayers!

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