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Dealing with Death

Elder Austin Rushton takes a selfie

Austin takes a mission selfie.

A man in the Santa Clara 6th Ward passed away last week of a massive heart attack. He was in his 30s and left behind a wife and three small children with a massive mortgage on their newly-built home and no life insurance to cover it. The whole ward was in mourning for this family, and Fast and Testimony meeting had many testimonies on the Atonement.

Even so, there was one testimony born that is reflective of an attitude I’ve heard expressed many times in dealing with death. It is the attitude that it is simply no consolation to tell someone in the event that they have lost someone that God had a bigger purpose for them, or that He needed them on the other side. This is simply of no comfort.

I wish to base my few words of comfort to all those who have lost someone in the Resurrection and Atonement of Jesus Christ. Through His sacrifice, we may all see those we have lost again in the flesh, glorified and perfected. Through the Atonement, we gain the comfort of knowing that we will never lose them again when that time comes. Can there be any greater source of comfort than knowing that the dead will be renewed and redeemed; that we will see one another once more and never again be separated? This is the truth. I know it, and am bent on fully embracing the Atonement so that this promise will be fulfilled to me.

We received Sisters Stirling and Call to our ward this week. They have been a great addition and have already found much success. This is clearly a big part in the hastening of the work of salvation to have so many wonderful young women serving in the mission field.

We are close to having a baptism for a seventeen-year-old girl we’ve been teaching. All that’s left is to set the date and do it! We’re hoping we can get her family involved too!
I apologize for the short length of this letter, but hope the message is clear. I love you all, and wish you the best,
Elder Rushton

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