When Will Austin Be Home?

  • Austin left on his mission:
    5 years, 0 months, 28 days, 1 hour, 27 minutes, 34 seconds ago

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Getting out of SC6

Austin Rushton with DeGraw family

Austin with the DeGraw family.

So, after having spent a quarter of my mission there, I’m finally leaving the Santa Clara 6th Ward.
And. It’s. Weird.You know, when you spend so long in a ward, it starts to become YOUR ward. After all, I’ve been in this ward almost as long as I was in my
singles ward in college, and I attended here a lot more. So it’s bittersweet to be leaving. There are a lot of people I’ll miss in SC6.
Still, we took the ward from 1 baptism in 2013 to 4 this year already and the reactivation of a family or two, so I would call that a
success, and the ward very much appreciated it.The most heartbreaking thing, as it always seems to be, was leaving the people I worked with. They always seem to be the most appreciative
of me. They gave me parting gifts for heaven’s sake! I might be coming back soon to perform a baptism too if things go the way I hope they
do! Luckily, because of the lovely invention of Facebook, I’ll still be able to stay in contact with most of the people I met. Everyone
keeps telling me to send them my wedding invitations, hahaha…it’s kind of awkward. Anyways, many hugs were exchanged, lots of addresses taken down, and plenty of food was eaten.

Now I’m headed to *drum roll*….


….which has a heavily hispanic population. It should be a good time, though, except that it’s about three hours south of Eugene in a
desert. I’m not particularly excited for that.

Elder Georgia served in White City about a year ago so he showed me pictures and told me lots about it. Apparently it’s MUCH different
than SC6 because it’s full of rednecks and is very spread out. On a side note, it borders the place where Elder Kunz came from and where
my former trainee, Elder Mock, ended his mission: Eagle Point. The two cities are about 20 minutes east of Medford, the nearest large-ish
city. So yeah, there are some fun facts for you.

More to come…..
Elder Austin Rushton

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