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Good Friends are Important. Good Enemies are Important Too.

Elder Austin Rushton crazy hair.

Elder Austin Rushton in need of a haircut.

Hello everybody! There is so much to be talked about this week…I hope I can get through all of it!

So as some of you may already know, my newest companion is Elder Thomas. He was in Junction City, just north of Eugene, at the same time I was up that direction, so that makes him the first companion I’ve had that I actually knew BEFORE he became my companion. We have done spectacular from the day he arrived.

Just for starters, as many of you may be aware, missionaries set numerical goals every week for themselves based upon their weekly planning session, wherein they discuss the direction and speed the area is moving, personal goals, and so forth. The standardized goals every missionary is required to set each week are referred to as “Key Indicators”, i.e., when these numbers are high it can generally indicate the success of an area in finding, teaching, and baptizing investigators of the church. The key indicators are

1. Baptisms

2. Confirmations

3. Investigators who attended Sacrament Meeting

4. Investigators who have set a date to be baptized

5. Lessons taught to investigators with a member of the church present

6. Lessons taught to investigators without a member of the church present

7. Investigators who have been taught at least two lessons and are keeping commitments to, for example, come to church, read the Book of Mormon, and so forth

8. Referrals received from nonmembers, members, etc. who have not yet been contacted

9. Referrals contacted

10. Number of nonmembers who have achieved the status of new investigator (takes 1 lesson, a return appt, and a commitment)

11. Lessons taught to recent converts to the church or less-active/inactive members of the church


Elder Thomas and I naturally set some goals for this week, as we do every week. Only this time we hit them. ALL OF THEM. It was a great feeling, and we celebrated with frozen hot chocolate from Dairy Queen.

So what did we do this week? Well for starters, we have someone progressing toward baptism at the speed of conversion! She was referred to us by our Relief Society President, who has also come to every appointment with her. She has come to church twice, we’ve met with her four times so far, and she says that EVERYTHING we’ve said has lined up exactly with what she’s found to be true. She’s so going to be baptized…

On top of that, we also made some good strides with everybody else. There was one less-active family we work with that actually broke down and asked for our help with building a tool shed. We were happy to do it! So we went on over and drilled some holes and screwed some screws for a couple hours, and afterward asked him if he would accompany us to a lesson that night that we needed a third man on. He accepted, so we came on back to pick him and his son up to go to the lesson with, ironically enough, a reactivating family. The lesson went well, and we asked them to testify of how their faith had helped them get through challenges in their lives. They bore a powerful testimony. Afterwards, they thanked us for asking them to come. The father was only a convert of a few years, and only had gotten the chance to go with missionaries on teaching visits maybe four or five times since his conversion, so he was grateful to come. He told us to ask again any time. It was powerful.

I guess the real key to success as a missionary, I’ve found, is simply to share the responsibility AND the associated blessings with others. Everyone has a part in it. And when everyone does their part to help everyone else do their parts, THEN THE MAGIC HAPPENS! It’s a pretty cool thing to experience.

I guess if I had to compare it to something, it’s like an orchestra. Sure you might have strong players in there who can carry the song forward, but the true strength in music comes in the group; when everyone is listening to everyone else so they can fit their part in there accordingly. Same deal with missionary work. We all have different roles, but those roles depend on each other, and when they are equally tempered, each serving to their utmost capacity, music happens instead of just noise: order instead of chaos. But of course, I don’t need to tell all of you that, right?

Anyways, that’s a pretty good summary of our week. It’s not everything, but it’s the most important stuff.

Hope you all have a great week,

Elder Rushton – Missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints

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  • LeAnn Rushton

    That is an impressive list to fill! What a wonderful way to fill your time each day! We are so proud of you and so thrilled that you are doing well! We pray for your well being always and appreciate sharing your letters on Facebook.
    Love from Uncle Darrel and Aunt LeAnn

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