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House of Mystery

Austin visits the House of Mystery

As I was considering what to write to my Mission President today, I couldn’t think of a lot. I think, the longer I’m out on my mission, all the twists and turns that occur daily become more and more routine and less and less memorable. So I apologize if my letters reflect that.

This week we saw a lot of people we haven’t for awhile. There are a bunch of a member’s grandkids that we’ve been teaching and they disappeared for about three weeks or so, but they came back this week. Basically I feel like a Primary teacher there. There’s the rowdy kid, the kid who actually wants to learn, the quiet kid who I never know what she’s thinking, and the kid who is too easily distracted to actually get anything we’re saying. There are a couple who might actually get baptized, but it’s going to be mostly a matter of getting their parents onboard and making sure the kids can actually make it to church each week. We actually will probably be baptizing a woman we’ve been teaching this coming week. I wish I could say I actually was a big part in her conversion, but honestly I have done nothing beyond teach her the lessons almost verbatim from Preach My Gospel. I haven’t had to organize rides for her, haven’t had to do any service for her, haven’t had to push her to do anything, and really haven’t even had to resolve her concerns. She’s figured it all out herself! She answers her own questions long before we ever even meet with her. She is basically her own convert to the church. So I guess for some people all we really have to do is show them where to find their answers or how to navigate the church, and they’ll take care of the rest. The best part of it, though, is that it means she will almost definitely stay active.

There is another lady, we’ll call her Amanda, who we recently began teaching. She referred herself to us through the internet. Every time we interact with her, she sounds like she has almost nothing holding her back from baptism besides a few technicalities (she’s living at a commercial address which is technically illegal). She’s already been taught everything and knows what she has to do. She tells us how well she’s doing with all of it ALL THE TIME! Solely based on those interactions, I would be totally confident Amanda would be baptized within a month or two. But here’s the thing, because we’re now on Facebook, I have friended Amanda and can see all her posts, and they tell a different story entirely. So now that’s another hurdle we’ll have to overcome with her; being able to be honest about her situation. We’re not sure which reality is the truth: the one she’s telling us, or the one she’s posting on Facebook. We will be investigating that more in the coming weeks…

Finally, we had the chance to celebrate a couple little kids ‘birthdays. They belong to a Hispanic less-active lady we teach regularly. It was pretty cool, and of course I enjoyed the authentic Mexican food! I find it’s the little things like going to birthdays that really help us connect with people. It shows them, I think, that we really are just there because we care about them, and not just because we want to “save” them. Other than that stuff, people are staying pretty much the same. They refuse to move forward or even take steps backward. We try and try to encourage them, but some people just won’t be helped. It’s just the way life is, I guess. I suppose it’s the same feeling a parent will have about his or her child when it behaves contrary to what they believe is right. Luckily, we can always have confidence that God watches over everyone, and will lead everyone down the paths they must go down to learn the lessons they have to. I have complete confidence that He will take care of those I clearly cannot.
Well everybody, that’s about all I’ve got today. I hope you enjoyed it. If you have specific questions you want to ask me, shoot me an email at austin.rushton@myldsmail.net. In the meantime, I hope you all have a great week!

Elder Rushton – Missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints

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