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Whiter than Bleached Printer Paper–Oct 20, 2014

Elder Austin Rushton best smile

Elder Austin Rushton giving his very best smile!

We’re onto the rainy season now. And here in Oregon that means that any form of tan anyone gained over the three or four months of sunshine is going to disappear. In fact, most Caucasian people I’ve met out here have been really REALLY white. I’ve probably reversed my chances for skin cancer living here!

This past week I had a lot of interesting experiences. For starters, our carpet took THREE DAYS to dry, and the carpet guys don’t work weekends, so our carpet has been without a pad underneath it for the past week. Luckily, they should finish it up today so we can move our dressers back into the bedroom. But man has it been uncomfortable in the meantime! The fan they used to dry the carpet was so loud we just slept over at the other missionaries’ apartment (they live in the same complex) those nights it was drying. Still, that was sort of rough sleeping on the floor three nights in a row. But we did it, and had some fun with it too. It sure is great having another set of elders in the ward!

We also had interviews with the mission president this week. Those were really good, actually. He basically asked three questions to every missionary: “How are you doing physically/emotionally?”, “How is your area?”, and “Are you still worthy to hold a temple recommend?” He told me I had taken to being a district leader really well, too, so that was nice to hear. We then got to all watch “Meet the Mormons” and that was sweet! It was actually really well done. For anyone who hasn’t seen it yet, it’s worth a watch.

We picked up meeting with a former investigator this week who is a practicing Wicken (or a witch, for those of you not familiar with the term). I suck at teaching people without much history of believing in Christ, so I decided to take a philosophical approach with him. I asked him some basic questions from my college philosophy class, things like, “what do you believe happens after we die?”, “what is our place in the universe?”, and “what is our relationship to other people?” It was a very enlightening conversation for me, anyways. I learned a lot about witchcraft, and I guess there are some pretty normal witches out there! Everyone is still just looking for the answers to those questions I asked him, though. He gave me answers, but they were mostly along the lines of, “I think it’s this, but I can’t know for sure. We all walk our own path.” So that got me talking to him about epistemology. I explained what it was to him, then told him that our church’s answer to “What is it to know something, and how can you?” is the Holy Ghost. So I explained that to him and told him that the Holy Ghost had told me this all was true, but he could not know what I know unless he also received that witness. It was a great setup for introducing the Book of Mormon, but my companion took a different route and started asking him more about his beliefs after that, so I guess it wasn’t time for it quite yet.

We’ll see him again, though. Besides that, we had our two best investigators come to church this week and stay the whole time. They are totally going to get baptized, but I have no clue when! They have to get married first! The primary program was this week too. It was really fun. We always get the biggest turnouts at those! Our chapel was packed, and we meet at the stake center! Other than all that, it was pretty routine. We go around visiting with people and praying we get somewhere with them! Most of them are moving forward really well, though, so I can’t complain!

Elder Rushton – Missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints


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