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Hit Me Again, I Dare You

Elder Austin Rushton getting a haircut.

Austin Gets A Haircut

So this week I’ve been reflecting on my favorite group of scriptures, D&C 98:23-38. These scriptures were the turning point for me all those years ago when I first started to realize my testimony of Jesus Christ. After reading and pondering them, I desired to read the Book of Mormon cover to cover to verify the words contained in these verses. It was the greatest blessing I ever received.

Now, I want to start by saying that it is a truth that there are two ways to fight against the forces of evil in the world: either we can fight them, or the Lord can fight them. One of these will be successful, one will not. Can you see which is which?

The Lord is absolutely our champion. He fights for us when we let Him, and we let Him by taking a blow or two or three to justify His involvement. We forgive, and He lets us move on. That’s the gist of how every week typically functions on a mission. We can choose to rough it ourselves and try to change the world solely by our own abilities, or else we can admit, “I don’t know what to do here. Would you help me figure it out?” I find myself repeating those words over and over, and an answer never fails to come.

We had a great Zone Meeting this week. Our Mission President came and taught us by example that the way to increase indicators is by increasing individuals’ conversion. Therefore, he proceeded to explain the whole Plan of Salvation to us from Moses chapter 6. It was surprisingly potent. Stake Conference this week reiterated the same point, and the Stake President actually set it out quite plainly in the Priesthood Leadership session. He showed us the indicators he reports to the Seventies, and said that what they told him is that we needed to gain some more understanding of specifically temples and their place in the gospel. It was really cool!

For the general session of Stake Conference we had a broadcast from Salt Lake to the whole state of Oregon. A Seventy spoke, the First Counselor in the Primary General Presidency spoke, and then we were addressed by Neil L. Anderson and Thomas S. Monson. It was really cool! And Elder Anderson gave an awesome talk. I’m not normally one to love Elder Anderson–his talks normally just go right past me–but this one was really quite good. He focused on the attributes of Faith, Diligence, and Patience, and drew the lines of how they were connected and important. He shared a story of two farmers, one who worked on Sunday to tend his field, and the other who didn’t. Day after day, the farmer who worked on Sunday had a more abundant field. At harvest time, they met at the fence. The farmer who worked on the Sabbath gloated about his field. The other farmer’s reply was priceless and a lesson we all could learn from.

“The Lord doesn’t balance His checkbook in October.”

Case and point, we are laying up treasures for the eternity. A little sacrifice now is worth the infinitesimal gains in the future.

Lastly, Anderson used one of my most favorite Joseph Smith quotes in response to the question “Why doesn’t the church address specific issues on the voting ballots?” The quote reads, “I teach them correct principles, and they govern themselves.” Awesome talk, really stellar.

We got to help out the Red Cross this week as well. Our mission organized it and volunteered us. So we worked with meals on wheels taking emergency food boxes (for emergency weather conditions) to people. I got to wear a Red Cross badge with a random name on it in addition to my Missionary badge! The name I got? Allen. I sure felt a connection to my Grandpa, being “Allen Rushton” for a day, hahaha…it was fun, though, and I think we really helped some people out.

Alright everybody, I’m so glad you read my whole email! Love you all, and have a great week! Elder Austin Rushton

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