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Turkey Week (w/ Squirrel)

Sheriff Rushton

Sheriff Elder Austin Rushton

Turkey. Why do we eat it? Because it is tasty. Do we need any other reason?

Unlike my younger Canadian counterpart, we, obviously, celebrated American Thanksgiving with all the bells and whistles: a morning “turkey bowl”, a great family get-together dinner, deep-fried turkey, smoked turkey, regular turkey, music, and, at night, some card games. We spent the whole day with the other 1st ward elders, too, so it was, in final, a blast.

The 1st ward here was lame and no one organized a turkey bowl, so we headed on over to join the 3rd ward for theirs. Lo and behold, everyone else had the same idea, so on top of seeing some members from the 1st ward there, there were around 10-14 missionaries participating, including four sisters. There were so many people we had to split off into four teams! It was really fun, and unlike last year where my only highlight was blocking a pass, I actually got to pull off a few decent plays!

For dinner, a family in the ward invited us to their family party at the 18th Street chapel in the middle of Eugene. There were roughly 40 people there, including some nonmembers, so it was a good thing! I got asked to say the blessing on the food, too, and that was sort of an honor, albeit a little intimidating. We stuffed ourselves on all the great food everyone had brought, and I don’t recall ever having tried deep-fried turkey before but DANG, it was good! After trying to wake up from the turkey comas we were all in, we all headed over to a less-active family’s house so that Elder Ayre could bust out his electric cello for them. When we got there, he played a little solo, and we snacked on some more deep-fried turkey.

Finally, we were told to be inside at 7:30, so all four of us came back to our apartment, and we played a round of Munchkin. It all was just a great day, and I was grateful for it! The next couple days have yielded many Thanksgiving leftovers. The family that makes those photo shopped images I keep posting to Facebook–the Walkers–had us over the day after Thanksgiving. Sister Walker is a professional artist who works for the University of Oregon, and as such enjoys being creative in all aspects of her life, so when Brother Walker left for Thanksgiving, she cooked up what she called a “hicksgiving”, and gave us the leftovers for dinner the next day. What was it? Barbecued squirrel and fried frog legs. It was actually pretty good, especially the frog legs! She sent us home with another whole squirrel that still has the tail attached, and it is sitting in our fridge as we speak.

Saturday was the Civil War between OSU and U of O. That was a very. Slow. Evening. But everyone was happy the Ducks won, so at least people have been in a good mood! Other than all that, we did actually get around to doing some missionary work this week! We even met someone who missionaries had seen in the past. She’s between jobs right now, and told us her dream is to open a pool hall/bar/daycare. She’s kind of an odd duck, but isn’t everyone? The lady I’ve been working to get food assistance to is also on the cusp of finally actually getting it now, after almost two months! So yay for that! Alright everyone, this letter is long enough and I’ll be shocked if anyone but my family reads all of it.

Love you all, hope Black Friday was good to everyone, and have a wonderful Cyber Monday.

Elder Rushton – Missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints

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