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“You’re Dumb!” and the Temple

Elder Campbell and Elder Rushton

Elder Campbell and Elder Rushton at the Nevada state line.

We got the chance, once again, to attend the temple. This is the third time I’ve gone to the Medford temple and the fifth time I’ve gone while on my mission. It is a unique experience every time.

We made the drive from Alturas to Klamath Falls the night before. Both Elder Campbell and I and the Lakeview Elders (who have an equally long drive) slept over at the Zone Leaders’ apartment. As one might expect
from a group of young men having a sleepover and excited to go to the temple, we had a lot of fun that night. Elder Mitchell, our zone leader, played some Pictionary with us on their new big whiteboards. That degraded quickly into making some pretty ridiculous drawings, and I learned that you can make any animal or human you draw look infinitely more stupid by giving it a unibrow and setting its pupils in different directions. We did this to several animals—a gorilla, an alligator, and so on—and formed the phrase of the night,  “You’re dumb!”
It was a good night.

In the morning, we filed into a minivan with both sets of the Spanish missionaries. The route they took to the temple was unorthodox, and included many sharp curves and hills. It was sort of like riding a roller coaster, but was made semi-irritating by the fact that I was crammed in the back with two other elders. Still, we made
it, and had some fun along the way.

This time inside the temple I felt to watch the temple workers more than I had in the past, the reason being that the Medford Temple President testified to us in the last stake conference of their greatness. I realized something this last Tuesday as I watched them. They thanked US for coming to the temple. They help US through all of the ordinances. These men and women who devote so many hours each week to serving the Lord, who are entrusted to perform His most holy ordinances for His children, humble themselves before the guests of the temple. I learned the true meaning of what it means to be great—that he who is the greatest is the least of all, and the least of all is the greatest; the master is the servant of all, and the servant of all is the master.

We arrived back in Alturas late that night after driving for over four hours of the day. The rest of the week was filled with tracting and contacting others. We set up a few appointments and had one new investigator tell us that she believed the Joseph Smith story, so it wasn’t for nothing at least.

Thanks everyone for writing, and for just being the good people you are. I hope you all have a great week!

Elder Rushton—Missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

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  • LeAnn Rushton

    I read both this letter and the one about the cattle and enjoyed them both. As I read this letter, I felt that I ought to tell you what a wonderful experience it was for me all of the years that I played the organ in the Baptistry in the Jordan River Temple. I would play for 1 1/2 hours each Wednesday evening. I loved the sweet workers in the Baptistry and I loved seeing the sweet young people who came in. I also wanted to tell you what a sweet experience it is for me to see how happy and spiritual Uncle Darrel and Hal are as they go do their weekly Temple assignments. Uncle Darrel has been an ordinance worker for over 13 years, going every Thursday and Friday mornings. Hal works on Saturday nights. They both substitute whenever they can. I had to give up the playing after I had my shoulder surgery. The 1 1/2 hours were just too long. I played for over 10 years. When we are in the service of our Heavenly Father we are blessed!
    I am glad that you are willing to be of service to others like helping that rancher. That, too, is being of service to Heavenly Father. Keep up the good work! We love you and keep you in our prayers! Uncle Darrel and Aunt LeAnn

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