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Mid-Morning Snacks

Elder Rushton easter basket

Elder Campbell, President Davis and Elder Rushton on Easter.

Well friends, Easter has come and passed. And I have three baskets full of candy.

This is the most candy I’ve gotten on Easter in a long time! And of course it would come at the time I’m trying to lose some of my extra mission weight. It’s all just sitting on my study desk, begging to be eaten. What can I do but eat it, right?

Not to worry, though! If I eat it in the morning, it should just burn off during the day’s activities, AND will give me more energy! So I’ve been treating myself during studies the past couple days to some of my stash. I love justifying eating candy. :)

On a more spiritual note, wasn’t General Conference just awesome? I thought it was. And Brent H. Nielson, the Seventy who visited our mission twice in the past year, got to speak. I really enjoyed his talk, and it was incredibly personal and heartfelt. I have, as many of us, often had to bear that burden of watching and waiting for people to come around. But it’s always made easier by remembering that Christ does the same for me, and I always seem to come around because of it. If it works for Him, I suppose it will work for me, too. I once wrote
a talk about the same concept, only I used Plato’s Allegory of the it. I contrasted the teachings and reactions of the man who was free with that of the prisoners. The free man, when he could not convince his fellows, had to watch and wait, hoping—praying, perhaps—that they would one day realize and see what he had. Christ
affords us the ability to believe that, regardless of if those prisoners and prodigals come around, if we ourselves strive to believe and know Him, then all things will work out. What that means, I can’t say I know, but I fully intend to find out.

We are likely going to go help out our branch president today with herding some cattle. He is the manager of a very large Black Angus ranch, and offered us the chance to help him out. So obviously we jumped at the chance. He told us we could guide them down the chute for vaccinations. I don’t know what all that entails, but it sounds like something to do, so I’m sure it will be fun!

Thanks for all the letters and emails everyone. I really appreciate all of them. Have a happy Jesus’s real birthday/anniversary of the organization of the church!

Elder Rushton—Missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

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  • LeAnn Rushton

    I am proud of you for rationing out your goodies! This is teaching you self control, so it is good that you have this wonderful stash! Conference was really wonderful! I, too, really enjoyed Elder Nelson’s talk! I cried all through it! I thought that Conference as a whole was just a spiritual feast! Have fun with the cows. I’ll warn you, though–it is dirty, dusty, and smelly. (But I guess it might be fun for you big tough missionaries!) We love you and keep you in our prayers always!
    Uncle Darrel and Aunt LeAnn

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