When Will Austin Be Home?

  • Austin left on his mission:
    5 years, 0 months, 27 days, 4 hours, 6 minutes, 19 seconds ago

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Utah County

Elder Austin Rushton and Companions

My trainer and first companion in the field was Elder Argyle from Spanish Fork, Utah. Now my final companion is Elder Townsend from American Fork, Utah. They are the only two companions I’ve had throughout my whole mission who have been from Utah County. The first and the last. [...]

Party in Klamath

Austin and his companions bowling.

So I’m getting a new companion today for my final transfer—Elder Townsend from American Fork. He’s super great and has been out since July of 2013. I’m sad to lose Elder Campbell, though. I guess I was more attached to him than I thought. He’s kind of like my [...]

B-Earth Day

Elder Austin Rushton the superhero missionary!

Hello everybody! Thank you all for the birthday wishes, presents, and cards this week! I can hardly believe I’m 21, personally but that’s what it says on my driver’s license so it must be true!

This past week was great. To celebrate my birthday, my companion and I [...]

To Be Honest, I’m Not Gonna Lie

Elder Rushton and Elder Campbell at Medford, Oregon Temple

I had a companion once who used to really dislike preface phrases like, “To be honest,” “I’m not gonna lie,” and “The fact is.” His reasoning was, “Why do you need to say that? Do you normally lie to me? Do you normally not give [...]

Numbers, Numbers, Everywhere!

Elder Austin Rushton at Medford, Oregon Temple

There is a lesson that is of the utmost value every missionary who wishes to find joy in the work must learn. It is that the work that counts most is the work recognized by God alone. It is personal repentance and growth, saying hi to people [...]