When Will Austin Be Home?

  • Austin left on his mission:
    4 years, 11 months, 1 day, 1 hour, 54 minutes, 50 seconds ago

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Hit Me Again, I Dare You

Austin Gets A Haircut

So this week I’ve been reflecting on my favorite group of scriptures, D&C 98:23-38. These scriptures were the turning point for me all those years ago when I first started to realize my testimony of Jesus Christ. After reading and pondering them, I desired to read the Book of Mormon [...]

One Word, Jesus

Austin’s District Ready for Halloween

Dear Friends and Family, After much thought on the subject, I have decided to have faith in Jesus Christ. That means I’m going to trust that, as long as I do my part and better myself, He’ll take care of the rest and I won’t have to worry about [...]

Whiter than Bleached Printer Paper–Oct 20, 2014

Elder Austin Rushton giving his very best smile!

We’re onto the rainy season now. And here in Oregon that means that any form of tan anyone gained over the three or four months of sunshine is going to disappear. In fact, most Caucasian people I’ve met out here have been really REALLY white. I’ve [...]

Wet Feet–Oct 13, 2014

Elder Rushton with his companions taking a selfie.

Well everyone, it’s been a heckuva first week! Transfers always cause a lot of change in the way I have to approach things, and this one has been no different.

We were able to set up some appointments with people I’ve never met before, too, [...]

To Whom It May Concern 10/6/2014

Elder Austin Rushton testing the tonality of a squash.

I am getting a new companion. Elder Scott. He is…an intriguing young man. But I’m sure we’ll do marvelously. I’ve gotten a slew of interesting companions lately. Ones with reputations. Not necessarily bad ones, but just unique ones. And each one more unique than the [...]