When Will Austin Be Home?

  • Austin left on his mission:
    5 years, 9 months, 0 days, 7 hours, 26 minutes, 15 seconds ago

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Pizza Should Not be Had for More than One Meal a Day 9/29/2014

Austin covered with gnats after biking

Last P-Day (Monday), our zone held a miniature Olympics. We divided up by districts and competed in four little events. Well…my district won. And that was all well and good–we won a pizza party–but I did have to eat eighteen large marshmallows in two minutes to take second [...]

Check Yo-Self!

Austin at the Missionary games.

Okay people, I have some legit stories this week.

So we got a text message last Monday from our black Christian rapper investigator, with one word in it, “Brethren”. Upon further inquiry, we were told that he wanted to meet with us this week. We couldn’t fit him [...]

The Second Week Transition

Elder Austin Rushton takes a selfie.

Usually, in the first week of a transfer after having received a new companion, missionaries tend to actually have a lot of success. Everyone is determined to start off the transfer right. However, while the first week of a transfer is usually an above average week, the second [...]

Journeys in Springfield


Alright everyone, I’ve been here in Springfield for a whole week now. And boy. Do. I. Have. Stories.

Eugene and Springfield from Mount Pisgah

The Eugene area was interesting the last time I was here, but I’m realizing that there is no standardized culture of Eugene. The culture is different from person to [...]

Fare-thee-well Trailers!

Elder Austin Rushton enjoying a Slurpee!

This week I got the news that I would be saying goodbye to White City and hello again to Eugene! I am going to be serving in Springfield (the Siamese twin city to Eugene) in the 1st Ward, which actually borders my old area: Santa Clara 6th Ward. [...]