When Will Austin Be Home?

  • Austin left on his mission:
    5 years, 0 months, 29 days, 23 hours, 40 minutes, 22 seconds ago

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Commitment and Re-Commitment

Austin manning a booth at the local fair

This week, we went to Zone Training Meeting on Friday. In it, our Zone Leaders put us through a “boot camp” and had us recommit ourselves to missionary work. They all had us sign a contract of sorts and physically make that commitment to not slack [...]

Big Plans—Letter from Austin Sept 2nd, 2013

Austin at Gold Beach Airfield

My first four paragraphs will be regarding investigators, after which I wish to make a point as to what our focus this week has been.

We have been meeting with a Hispanic gentleman investigator every Friday since I first got here. His wife and most of his kids [...]

Little Children – August 26th, 2013

Elder Austin Rushton

Little Children –

Often, in the mission field, I’m given the opportunity to interact with children. It’s not very uncommon to see us, the missionaries, visiting a Primary class (at the request of the teachers, of course) to share with them our testimonies or teach them about missionary work. When we [...]

Elder Rushton and the Half Week Baptisms‏–Aug 19, 2013

Austin with his MTC group pointing to their missions.

See what I did there? I copied a book title. Pretty clever, right? Okay maybe not but that’s not what this is about.

We spent the first half of this week away from Brookings. We only came back late wednesday night and we left monday [...]

The Second Transfer–letter from Aug 12, 2013

Austin at zone conference August 2013

Well, I’m….STAYING IN BROOKINGS! How anticlimactic, right? Nah, but it’s all good. We’re on track to have probably 4+ baptisms this transfer and now I’ll get to be here for them.

This week was pretty eventful, and a few experiences really were miraculous. We found three new investigators [...]