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September 2010
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Sept 9th Written Letter Home


Elders Erik Rushton and Jeff Law at the Provo MTC


Dear Family, 

Sorry for the short email the other day.  I had some password problems and by the time I resolved them I only had 20 minutes left to email.  I’m doing laundry right now so I have a little extra time to write.  I was looking for Jeff (Jeff is another Elder from our ward) all day yesterday but couldn’t find him anywhere!  As were were coming back from our late class, my companion and I stopped by to say hello to the Elders that moved in next to us.  Low and behold one of those new Elders was good ol’ Jeff Law!   I thought that he might be in the same building as me but I had no clue that we were going to be neighbors!  It was good to see someone from home. 

I have a few friends from work that I see from time to time, but it’s great knowing that I have a really good friend here now.  We talked for awhile and then I let him get unpacked.  I’ll send a picture of both of us when I get a chance.  My homesickness isn’t coming on as strong lately as it did the first few days.  Those first days were tough. I look forward to everyone’s letters everyday!  So keep sending as many as you can!  I leave the MTC on Sept 20th. After that you should just send letters snail mail instead of  

Listening to all the cheering at the BYU game was KILLING me last Saturday.  There were a bunchof Elders going crazy too–ha ha! 

I’ve been playing volleyball pretty much every gym time so far.  We play with the Tongan’s in our branch so it gets pretty intense!  It’s fun playing with all the other Elders! 

Time is flying by the week.  I think I’ve finally started to get used to the lifestyle around here.  You feel the spirit really strong here all the time.  My companion and I have really connected since the first day.  And all of my roommates are really cool.  As much as I want to come home sometimes, I know this is the right place for me to be. 

Well I hope you guys are having fun without me.  I miss you all (even SKY!)  Have everyone write me for family home evening or something because checking the mail at the MTC is like running to the Christmas tree on Christmas morning!  We check our box about 5 times a day!  

Love you all, 

Elder Erik Rushton

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