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October 2010
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Another Letter today! It feels like Christmas!

Elders in Detroit

When we checked the mail today we were so excited!  Yes, another letter from Erik this week!  It is so awesome!  Now I know why parents always say how great it is to hear from their Missionaries!

Oct 4th Monday

Dear Family,

I ran out of time to write a long email home on p-day (today)  We had to take a survey from our Mission President that took a long time to complete.

Things here in Detroit have been going GREAT!  We have been having some great lessons and have been teaching TONS of people.  Last week, we taught 17 lessons which is a lot for our area.  We got that many lessons in 5 days because we couldn’t teach on Saturday or Sunday with General Conference on.  We got 2 new investigators last week too and I am very excited about them.  One of them is Kenyata which I think I already wrote home about him. He is a great guy that was really impressed with the Book of Mormon.  He couldn’t believe it had only been translated 1 time.  Every time we study with him, he pulls out 4 different copies of the Bible that he studies from.  He says he likes King James the best though which is good. 

I’m sending home some pictures for you guys in this letter.  I don’t have any from Detroit yet-next week I will.  Notice my bike has a light on the front which I duct taped it on! 

We also sent Erik another question and answer form so he could fill in the blanks:

The best thing about my companion–Elder Erickson knows how to answer every question people throw at us and he knows the Bible REALLY WELL!

My favorite breakfast:  French Toast and Apple Juice–Michigan has tons of apple orchards and so every Sept all the stores start selling un-pasturized apple juice–it’s the BEST!

But most of the time we eat–Cereal, yogurt, scrambled eggs, homemade breakfast burritos

My favorite lunch is….food!   But we eat mac and cheese, nachos, and sandwiches on a normal day.

My favorite dinner is tacos, pizza, and enchiladas, but we eat chicken, beef tenders and all the cheap meat.

I wish I had more—-REAL mexican food to eat and less cheese wiz type mexican.

I can’t find any watermelon sour patch kids and granola bars so please send some!

The best spiritual experience I had so far this week was:  One of our investigators, Dorothy Johnson, agreed to be baptized on October 30th and is the only one of our investigators that is FULLY committed.  I can’t begin to explain how AWESOME is feels to see someone’s life change like hers and to know I was a part of it. 

My spiritual scale from 1-10 this week is 10!!  Conference was awesome and all of our appointments this week were great!

How would you describe the area you are in now?  As my companion put it, “Everytime we go into someone’s house I feel like we’re in an episode of Cops!”

I feel the spirit of the Lord the most when ITeach  If we can get the investigator focused, the spirit teaches.

My favorite scripture this week is: Alma 32.  We read this chapter with investigators and less actives ALOT!  It’s an awesome chapter about exercising faith in every gospel principle. I encourage everyone to read it for family home evening.

Love you all!  Elder Erik Rushton

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