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October 2010
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Journal Entries Oct 5-8th 2010

Erik's Church In Detroit

Erik's Church In Detroit

Oct 5th, 2010 Tuesday

We have exchanges with the zone leaders tomorrow. I’ll be going with one of them and staying in a new area of Michigan for 24 hours.  I’m a little nervous because I’ve never met this missionary before and I’ll be teaching people that I’ve never met. My companion says not to worry though.  He says I’m the best missionary he’s trained so far and that he’s surprised how fast I got used to the mission field.  So that’s comforting. 

Detroit Story:

Last night we biked past a house that was completely in flames.  The fire department was just barely getting there to put it out as we biked past.   It was pretty intense.

Oct 7th, 2010

Exchanges were pretty fun. I went and stayed a night with Elder Bowler in Canton Michigan…Canton is kind of like Pleasant Grove.  It is much richer than Detroit.  It was weird seeing so many white people—ha ha!  We taught a few lessons and did a lot of tracting.  Everyone out there has jobs though so we didn’t get a lot of answers.  I got back to my area about 4PM and my companion and I did some teaching.  It was a rough day.  We only ended up teaching one investigator and she’s different.    She basically believes she’s a Prophet and receives revelation for people and she’s just very hard to teach.  She also believes that the Holy Spirit causes her to have an outburst in another language so we will be teaching her a lesson and she will randomly shout out something in gibberish.  It’s very frustrating.  Hopefully tomorrow we’ll have some good lessons.

Story from Detroit:   Have you ever seen an ambulance with chrome rims?  I have now!

Oct 8th, 2010

Just another good ol’ day in Detroit.  I learned a new gang handshake.  We met a kid from the Plymouth –or P-Rock Gang and he taught us their handshake.  We got another one of our investigators on a baptism date.  Her name is Ariel and she is pretty much set to be baptized on Nov 13th.  She wants us to start teaching her fiancé too so that their daughter will grow up in a church going family.  So that was pretty exciting.  Other than that, it was just the same old lesson—teaching and tracting all day.

Detroit Story:

We get stopped about 3 times a day by people who want to pray with us.  And then after the prayer they ask us for money.  I’ve stopped carrying any at all.

Note:  We asked Erik if he and his companion had gotten into any arguments with anyone or been robbed yet: (Mom’s biggest worry!)–His response was: We get in arguments with the Jehova Witnesses a lot.  There is a big Islam population in Detroit too and they argue with us sometimes.  But I haven’t been robbed yet!

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