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October 2010
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Email from Erik Oct 18th, 2010

We had another tough week. We’re dropping 6 of our investigators this week because they are not progressing. They only really good lessons we had this week were with Kenyatta and with an 18 year old kid named Jeremiah. 

Kenyatta’s lesson went really well. He took us into his library and showed us all of his religious books and that was really cool. He has a copy of the Egyptian Book Of The Dead so I got to thumb through that and it was really cool. We didn’t have a lot of time to teach him but we started into the plan of salvation and he was really liking that. So this Wednesday we’re going to go more in depth with it. Those plan of salvation cards that mom gave me are AWESOME. They make it so much easier to teach. 

Last night we taught Jeremiah and had a good lesson with him about baptism. We took the senior missionary couple that’s assigned to our branch with us and they loved teaching him. 

The senior missionary couple that we work with are the Hoopes’ and their really sweet. They’ve been out as long as I have. They have a blog as well and I think there will be some pictures of me coming up on it so you’ll have to check it out. It’s – . I’m not allowed to look at it so you guys will have to tell me how it is.

 Other than that it’s just been same old same old. I sent out more journal pages today so you guys should get them soon. They explain a little more. Tell Alexa thanks for the pictures!

We asked Erik about how Detroit handles Halloween Night:  We’ve seen a lot of burned down houses out here and there are a lot of abandoned ones too. We heard that they set a curfew at 6:00 and a big police patrol guards all of the abandoned houses. It sounds like it gets pretty intense.

Below is what the other couple wrote on their blog about Erik and his companion, Elder Erickson.   Pretty neat!

This evening the missionaries invited us to a teaching appointment and we loved it! Elder Erickson is the taller from Sandy UT and Elder Rushton from Pleasant Grove UT. They both spoke in Church today and gave amazing talks. Elder Rushton who has only been here for five weeks, spoke of keeping our baptism covenants. Elder Erickson spoke of the good guilt which brings one to repentance and the guilt from the advisary which causes one to feel hopeless and unworthy for baptism. Both gave excellent and spiritual messages. These two Elders were also in the picture at the Palmer Park Ward on the day of Conference. We are grateful to serve with and learn from these young Elders.

The picture with me & the Elders shows pictures of Christ on their bikes. They do that to thwart any who would want to steal their bikes. They also keep their car clean and keep pictures of Christ on the dash board for the same reason. When the car does not have things piled up it is not so inticing to break in to.

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