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October 2010
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Family Letter Oct 18th, 2010

Dear Family,

So I ended up not getting a guitar again.  (Erik was given permission to find a guitar so he could play hymns at baptisms)  There were no music shops that we could find in Detroit! Downtown Detroit is just as bleak and gloomy as where I’m stationed.  You can tell that the entire city is just poor and rundown.  So overall our trip downtown wasn’t too exciting.  But then again, I bet it would be funner if it was warmer and if we had a car.  Detroit isn’t like Las Vegas where you can just walk everywhere so see stuff.  Plus it probably would’ve been funner if we would have had more time to spend down there and alot of that time was spent riding the bus. 

We spent most of our time today in the GM building.  It was a pretty cool building and it’s been a long time since I’ve seen that many white people in one place.  I got my picture taken next to a camaro and a corvette.  We also got to look across the river at Canada there too.  We ate at a place called Nikki’s pizza that was pretty good.  I’ve never had lamb on pizza but it was pretty good.  I go some cool pictures of some statues too. 

We really didn’t have much time to do anything downtown today.  I’d like to come back one day after my mission and really check everything out.  Transfers are coming up on November 2nd and I’m hoping not to be transferred but it may happen.  I really hope I don’t get transferred though because I want to stay until Dorothy gets baptized on the 13th of November.  She’s all set and ready to go.  We were going to baptize her on October 30th, but she had to get surgery this week and won’t be able to get baptized for 3 weeks–I guess we will wait.

Love Elder Rushton

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