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October 2011
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1st Letter from Erik!


Hello family,

Ive had a pretty awesome first week back in Michigan. I’m stationed in Romeo right now. It’s a pretty cool place. One of our Zone Leaders was joking around saying that it has an ‘All American’ town feel. There is only one high school so Friday night football is really big here. It was homecoming week last week too so there were tons of celebrations going on all week. It reminds me a lot of King of the Hill. And it’s very different from the west Detroit ghetto for sure. There are lot’s of HUGE houses out here too (our branch president owns 11 acres)! But there’s also a lot a trailer parks with tons of Hispanics living in them.
Right now we have one Investigator with a baptism date. He’s a really cool kid and he’s only 17. He was supposed to be baptized last Saturday but his he wanted to postpone it so his mom and some of his friends could be there. His mom is really nice but she really doesn’t like Joseph Smith and has huge issues with how he started practicing polygamy— But we think that if she comes to his baptism she’ll feel the spirit and want to learn more. His friends are really cool too. Two of them are pretty interested in the church and we want them to come to his baptism too so they’ll feel the spirit.

His mom cooked us Mole’ yesterday. It’s a type of spanish sauce that’s really…. interesting. It’s made from jalapenos but isn’t very spicy. And it looks like poop haha. I’m still trying to decide if I liked it. It kind of reminded me of homemade Betos.
A lot of members have fed us Jet’s Pizza too and it’s really good.

I had to speak in church yesterday. It was pretty nerve racking because I only had two days notice and I didn’t know everyone in the branch yet. And my mission president was there too which made me even more nervous. I gave a talk about agency and how halloween mazes kind of relate to life on earth.

We have a car out here. A chevy malibu…………….. It’s not my favorite,.

We’re having a hard time finding new investigators right now. Especially ones  that speak english. We’ve been tracting in the trailer parks because everytime we do we find about 3 new potentials. The problem is they speak mostly spanish! And Elder Erickson can speak spanish pretty well, but not well enough. Luckily we have a ward member that speaks it fluently so we take him with us a lot. It makes my teaching easy!

Everyone out here is really excited about the Detroit Tigers beating the Yankees. I guess they only have to beat Texas now and they’ll go to the world series. And the Lions are doing awesome too so everyone is really happy.

Well I’m almost out of time. I’ll write more in a letter later today. Tell everyone I love them. And tell my primary class sorry I wasn’t around to check off their article of faith I had them memorize.


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