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December 2011
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12/5/2011 Letter from Erik

This week was pretty great. One of our investigators was able to get out of the hospital again and he came to church. We also put him on a soft baptismal date and he’s going to work toward it. It was really great to be able to teach him again.

We also have been teaching one of Emilio’s friends more lately. She has been involved with the church for a long time and goes to a lot of young women’s activities. It’s hard to meet with her though because her family doesn’t like us over so lately we’ve been teaching her at Emilio’s house.

We had a good lesson last night though with a Spanish couple. They asked us if we believe in the Virgin Mary and we of course went through the whole discussion of how we believe she was called of God but we don’t worship her. He they went on the normal Catholic tirade of how you have to pray to Jesus through Mary and what not. Then Adrian, our member from Mexico, totally backed him into a corner. He said ‘When you get sick, do you call the doctor or his mom?’ He responded ‘Well the doctor because his mom isn’t a trained medical professional.’ Then Adrian said ‘Which is why we worship Jesus because he’s the one that died for our sins.’ It was a pretty sweet example and then they totally threw down on the Catholic church because she’s always believed you don’t need to worship anybody but God and Jesus. So hopefully they go somewhere.

We did run into a tricky question this week. We were tracting a road and a lady told us we need to leave because the road was marked ‘Private Property’ and she would call the police. We usually don’t pay attention to those signs because half the roads in Romeo are marked ‘Private Property’ and nobody’s ever said that to us before. I know that by law we aren’t labeled as Solicitors so we don’t have to follow ‘No Soliciting’ signs, but we’re going to ask Pres. Holmes about roads marked ‘Private Property.’

Other than that not to much has happened this week. Thanks for sending the packages and letters. Tell everyone at home ‘hi’ for me!


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