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December 2011
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12/12/2011 Last Week with Elder Erickson

This is Erik’s Companion’s last week in the field before he returns home to Bluffdale Utah!  They have really liked working together so it’s going to be hard until we know who his new companion will be!

Next Monday Elder Erickson leaves and I’ll be left without a companion for a week.  I’m moving to Rochester Michigan for a week to work with Elder Gonzolez until I get a new companion on the 27th.  Then I’ll most likely go back to Romeo.  I’ll get you the apartment address before then.

This week we got stopped by a cop who told us we had to register with the Township (in Michigan they have cities and townships) to knock on people’s doors. We left the area but we called Pres. Holmes and he told us that was FALSE. I guess the Jehova’s Witnesses fought a battle in the Supreme Court and got a law passed that says Missionaries are not Solicitors. So at least the JW’s did one thing for me I like.

Regarding Sports—The Lions are getting fined all over the place now too! Everyone says they need to stop playing like they’re from Detroit.

 Not too much happened this week. We had our branch Christmas party on Saturday and it was pretty fun. We had a lot of less actives show up and were able to get a couple of investigators there as well. We had a pretty fun white elephant activity but I think I wrapped the best gift – 2 potatoes and some tic tacs. It was pretty funny when a little 12 year old girl opened it and went “Potatoes and tic tacs!?!”

We went to the temple on Thursday and that was pretty cool. The Detroit one is really small. I mean REALLY SMALL. Even the picture of it looks about twice as big as it actually is. It probably wasn’t much bigger than our stake center at home. It was still really pretty though. Bro. Robertson drove us there and then on the way home he drove us through the GM technical center. We couldn’t go inside any of the buildings, but it was still cool seeing the test tracks and wind tunnels.  Even if they were GM.

We’re getting a new car on Wednesday and I’m pretty excited. The dirt roads of Michigan really beat up your car and our Malibu’s tires are pretty bald which makes me nervous. So I’m glad we’re getting the new 2012 Ford Fusion. Plus I’ll be the driver so I’m pretty excited!

Tell everyone in the ward thanks for the Christmas cards. It’s nice to get a taste of home. If you get a chance too tell everyone in the Singles ward thanks for their Christmas letter too. Oh and congratulate Andrew Law for me too! (on his mission call )

Tell Alexa I’m working on naming her puppy and sending her card back. (Alexa sent him a puppy Christmas card and asked Erik to name it) I just didn’t have a big enough envelope for it! Oh and thanks for the family cards everyone but I think Sky’s Hanukkah card was the funniest.

Well, hope everyone is doing well and getting ready for Christmas. I’ll try and get out a hand written letter today if I get a chance.

Tell everyone Hi from me!


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