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December 2011
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New Companion 12-19-2011

We picked up my temporary companion Elder Gonzalez last night. We’ll be companions until the 27th when we’ll both get new companions. He’s a pretty cool guy from Puerto Rico and is a native Spanish speaker so we’re going to through the Mexican town of Romeo. We have to cover 2 areas though so we’re going to be driving a lot this week.

We picked up out new Ford Fusion on Wednesday too. It’s a pretty cool car. We named her Faquita because she’s a white car with a black personality. And because she’s from Detroit.

We had a weird experience we had last Saturday.  Elder Erickson and I were about to go tracting so we picked a street we had never been to before. We knocked on the first house and a lady opened it and said “boys! Come on in!”   That never happens so we were kind of hesitant but we decided to anyway. As soon as we walked in we noticed the house was packed with women and they all cheered when we walked in and started singing Christmas songs. Apparently they were having a Christmas Cookie Exchange (they’re all the rage in Michigan). So they started loading us up with food and cookies to take home with us, and then all of them started asking questions about are religion ALL AT ONCE. Imagine how fast women talk to each other, and then imagine Elder Erickson and me talking to 5 each all at once. It was crazy!!

Everyone has wanted to have us come by so Elder Erickson can say goodbye. It’s been an interesting experience being with a missionary who’s going home.  I am ready to take over this area though and lead.. Plus, since I have Elder Gonzalez for a week, we’re going to be seeing a lot of Spanish families! And I guess his area has a baptism scheduled for this Saturday so now we have to work that out too.

-Love you guys

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