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January 2012
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Sometimes It Gets Tough

Erik mentioned that he was getting a little down because of the progress in their area.  He has been in the same area since he returned October 3, 2011 but he is still doing well.  Write him words of encouragement if you can!  Thanks!  Miriam


It was a tough week again this week. We had to drop two investigators which made me sad. Well one made me sad, I was mad at the other. We stopped by her house (ahem, trailer) over and over but she was “never home.” We figured out last time that she was actually home, she would just send another family member to the door to lie and tell us she wasn’t home. So I was pretty mad about all the time we wasted trying to get in contact with her but oh well. The other person we dropped I was sad about having to drop. We have only had one lesson with her but she seemed to really like the first lesson. But since then we haven’t been able to get in contact with her by phone or by stopping by. So after about 3 weeks of trying, she’s dropped.

We had to knock a ton of doors this week but I don’t mind that most of the time. It’s just crazy sometimes though because no matter what time of day we knock, nobody seems to be home! Like yesterday we knocked a street of about 10 houses (it was a country road) around 5:00 and not one person was home. It was crazy! But I can’t complain to much because we were able to get one person to invite us back this week. I would’ve liked to have more (in Detroit we got about 5 people a week that would invite us back) but at this point I’m happy with one. It’s hard tracting out here sometimes because houses can be so far apart. We can literally knock doors for an hour and only knock on 7 houses. Sometimes is feels pretty ineffective doing that, but I just keep telling my companion “Everyone deserves their shot at the gospel!”

We almost set fire to our apartment the other day haha. We were cooking something on the stove and I guess we had this towel to close to the burner and it caught on fire. Luckily Elder Alger caught it in time and threw it in the sink and doused it in water. It was pretty crazy! Now we make sure all the towels are well away from the stove. And don’t worry, we’re usually pretty safe.

We started going jogging every morning to wake us up. We just do a lap around our apartment complex but it’s a good way to wake up in the morning. The air is so cold in the morning it’s an instant shock as soon as you walk out the door!

Well, I don’t think there’s really anything else to update you on this week. I’m still lovin’ being a missionary! Thanks for everyone’s prayers and support!


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