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January 2012
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Emergency Sacrament Meeting Talks‏ Jan 23rd 2012

This week was a pretty cool week. We were able to find 5 potentials and we actually were able to get 3 referrals from some of our investigators. We also were able to get 2 new investigators which was really cool too. We were loooooong overdue for new investigators.

Friday night our Branch President called us and told us that the person who was supposed to speak on Sunday got really sick and couldn’t do it anymore. So we got called upon to speak. I was assigned the topic of the Plan Of Salvation and Elder Alger spoke on the Book Of Mormon. It’s interesting preparing a sacrament talk in the mission field because you don’t have the resources that you do at home to help you prepare. For example, if we want to use a talk from one of the apostles, we have to dig through our stack of Ensigns to find it. It’s a lot easier to prepare a talk at home when you have constant access to the internet! Luckily all I had to do was talk about the Plan of Salvation which is really easy for me because we teach it all the time. I just summarized it and then encouraged all the members to do missionary work. Hopefully I inspired some people.

We have been doing a lot of member missionary work here lately. We’re really trying to inspire the members to get out and share the Gospel. I feel kind of hypocritical at times because at home I never gave any referrals to the missionaries. I know growing up in Utah I didn’t have a ton of opportunities but I can still think of a few people I could’ve have referred to the missionaries. But hopefully we can inspire members to get out and share. We’ve been making a really big push for them to share As I’ve gone to other areas on companion exchanges I’ve noticed that a lot of their best referrals have come from It makes a lot of sense because that website just sucks you right in! At least it does to me anyway. So we’ve been telling members “look, if you don’t have anything in the gospel to talk about with someone, show them” We’ll see if it works.

Elder Gonzalez came back to Romeo for a day to do Spanish Night on Thursday. It went really well. One of our Spanish families is making a ton of progress and we’re hoping to get them to church soon. We also found 2 new Spanish investigators and also another Spanish potential. We’re running into Mexicans everywhere! We have two trailer parks in our area that we call Little Mexico Uno and Little Mexico Dos. I don’t really know where to have them go to church though. We have 2 members in the Romeo branch that speak spanish but neither of them can translate very well. I was thinking of just inviting the investigators just to go to the Rochester ward because they’re better equipped for Spanish speakers by having Elder Gonzalez and a couple other translators there. But I’m not really sure yet.

Transfers are coming up on the 7th of February. I’ll have been in Romeo 4 months then so there is a possibility I’ll be getting transferred but I could very well stay until I’ve been here 6 months.

Well, love you guys! Tell everyone at home Hi for me!


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