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March 2012
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Howell Michigan

So first things first, I was able to go to the baptism on Saturday (back in Romeo) and it was awesome! President Holmes came and personally picked me up. It was about an hour drive but it was totally worth it. There is nothing like a baptism to make you feel like a missionary. . . . → Read More: Howell Michigan

New Address!

Hey guys. I’m now in Howell Michigan and my address is

  602 Curzon Ct Apt# 301 Howell, MI 48843



Bye Bye Romeo 3/19/2012

I’ve been in Romeo for 6 months and now I’m leaving. It’s a very strange feeling. It’s like leaving your family again but now instead of leaving 7 people, I’m leaving 40. I’ve been in Romeo for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, Valentines Day and St. Patrick’s Day. I was here when Dairy Queen . . . → Read More: Bye Bye Romeo 3/19/2012

3/12/2012 Letter/ Last week in Romeo?


Yesterday was probably one of the coolest Sundays ever. The Gladys Knight fireside was super sweet!

The Choir she brought was called the Saints Unified Voices choir. Most of the people in the choir were either white or Tongan which was kind of funny because they were singing all these southern Baptist songs. . . . → Read More: 3/12/2012 Letter/ Last week in Romeo?

Erik Letter 3/5/2012


Hey Family!

I didn’t forget to push the “send” button this week. That was a screw up on my part. (so we got 2 emails this week)

This weekend is the weekend we’ve all been waiting for, The Gladys Knight fireside weekend! It’s going to be huge. Originally, the church had only planned . . . → Read More: Erik Letter 3/5/2012

Letter from Erik 02-27-2012

This week was another pretty typical week in Romeo. We were able to teach thirteen lessons this week which was pretty good. We average around eleven a week so it was good to be above average. With the weather warming up now I bet those numbers will be going up even higher. When I . . . → Read More: Letter from Erik 02-27-2012