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March 2012
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Letter from Erik 02-27-2012

This week was another pretty typical week in Romeo. We were able to teach thirteen lessons this week which was pretty good. We average around eleven a week so it was good to be above average. With the weather warming up now I bet those numbers will be going up even higher. When I first got to this area back in October, Elder Erickson and I were averaging around twenty a week. But as soon as the weather started getting colder our lessons started dropping and we started finding less and less people to teach. I’m pretty sure that everybody in Michigan just hibernates in the winter. It’s supposed to be a pretty warm week this week though so hopefully we can find some new people.

Everybody here is gearing up for the Gladys Knight fireside that’s coming up. So far our branch has ordered nineteen tickets which is AWESOME! There are a lot of less actives going which is good and at least two non-members are going. Hopefully that fireside will bring more activity to this branch. We have a lot of less actives in this area and about half our lessons each week are lessons to less active members. Sometimes I think my calling as a missionary is to work with less actives because I feel like that’s where I’ve had the most success. We have a couple that are on the track to reactivation so hopefully they keep progressing.

On Wednesday we went on companion exchanges and I got to go to the Rochester area again. It’s always fun to go on exchanges to a different area and get away from yours for a day. While I was there, we had a dinner appointment with a member who used to live in the Grand River Branch which is the branch I served in when I was in Detroit. She remembered me and it was good to see her again.

Sunday was kind of a let down. We had four investigators who said they were planning on coming to church and then none of them did. It’s always really frustrating when people don’t show up to church because then it feels like all your efforts are in vain. It was especially frustrating because three of those four have a baptism date for the end of March and unless they come to church three times they can’t be baptized. So far they haven’t come at all. But hopefully this next week will be better. We’re usually able to pull one or two investigators to church.

Well other than that not to much else is happening here. Romeo is a slower area but I still love it. Not going to lie though, sometimes I can’t wait to be transferred to a new area. But I still love Romeo and the members here are awesome. There are investigators I’m excited about (if they would just come to church!) and hopefully we can have another baptism here before I leave.

Thanks for all your love and support! I love getting everyone’s letters throughout the week. Tell Alexa and Luke thanks for the pictures! Oh and Luke, I didn’t know I’d be coming home in a rocket-ship ;)


Love Erik

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