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March 2012
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3/12/2012 Letter/ Last week in Romeo?


Yesterday was probably one of the coolest Sundays ever. The Gladys Knight fireside was super sweet!

The Choir she brought was called the Saints Unified Voices choir. Most of the people in the choir were either white or Tongan which was kind of funny because they were singing all these southern Baptist songs. In fact, when Gladys’ husband got up to speak, the first thing he said was “what’s gotten into these white people?” Both Gladys and her husband spoke and they both bore awesome testimonies. I just found out this morning that we got over 800 referrals from non-members at the fireside. We brought a non-member we have been doing service for and both he and his wife loved it and are looking forward to getting a Book of Mormon to read.

This past week overall was a great week for us. We taught a ton of lessons and we hit almost all of the goals we set for this week. On Monday we went over to a members house in Lake Orion for an activity with our missionary district. I actually already knew these members because I sat next to the mom on the plane when I flew out here in October. Anyway, they have a big home theater in their basement and we watched 17 Miracles. That movie was pretty sweet.

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday were all just same old same old. But Thursday night one of our investigators went into the hospital so Friday morning we drove down into Troy to give her a blessing.

Next week is the last week of the transfer and will most likely be my last week in Romeo. I’m not really sure if I want to leave or stay though. There are really cool members in this branch that I know I won’t see for a long while after I leave, and we have a couple super sweet investigators that are really close to baptism. Plus on top of that, I’m not looking forward to learning a whole new area. That’s a lot of new names and faces to remember! But I guess wherever the Lord wants me, that’s where I’ll go.

Well, hope you guys are swell!



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