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March 2012
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Bye Bye Romeo 3/19/2012

I’ve been in Romeo for 6 months and now I’m leaving. It’s a very strange feeling. It’s like leaving your family again but now instead of leaving 7 people, I’m leaving 40. I’ve been in Romeo for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, Valentines Day and St. Patrick’s Day. I was here when Dairy Queen closed in November, and I was here when it opened in March.

We have a baptism  on Saturday which is super super awesome. I’m really hoping that I get permission to come back to Romeo for it. I’m calling President Holmes today so cross your fingers.

This week was really a pretty great week for us. We had some pretty good follow up from the Gladys Knight fireside and everything just went really well this week. Sunday was a pretty sad day for me because I had to say goodbye to everyone. I’ve really loved my time here and Romeo and it’s tough to say goodbye.

On Saturday I had my last breakfast with the Robertson’s. They cook us breakfast every Saturday morning because Bro. Robertson is our branch mission leader and we have a meeting with him every Saturday morning.

It has been super good weather here lately. We’ve been in the upper 70s all week and it has been awesome. Parts of Michigan had some tornado scares last week but nowhere near me so don’t worry. The church keeps really good watch on the weather and warns us of everything. I am hoping to be in one tornado warning while I’m in Michigan though. This is the closest I’ll ever live to tornado alley!

Tell Luke Happy Birthday for me! I sent a present home last week so it should get there either today or tomorrow. I can’t believe that little bugger is eleven! That’s crazy!  (he sent him a Detroit hat and Luke was stoked!)

Well, hope everyone at home is doing well. Tell everyone in the Family and Ward hi for me. I miss you guys a ton!



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