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May 2012
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Memorial Weekend -email from 05-29-2012

Hey Family!

Last week was a low numbers week for us because of all the traveling we had to do. We still had a pretty decent week though despite all the time we lost.

Our best investigator has a baptismal date, but he was gone for the weekend so he wasn’t able to come . . . → Read More: Memorial Weekend -email from 05-29-2012

Work, Work, Work! 5/21/2012

This week was an ok week for us. Our numbers were lower but we had some great things happen. We had an investigator family come to church which was great! The wife is a long time inactive and her husband and daughter are non-members. They got married about 3 weeks ago and are really . . . → Read More: Work, Work, Work! 5/21/2012

Good Old Howell

(Erik got to call Mom on Mother’s Day!  It was great to hear his voice!  Several of the mission companions Erik has known or served with have recently returned home early for a variety of  reasons.  Erik said he is feeling really good himself, it’s just hard when these kinds of things happen.  He is . . . → Read More: Good Old Howell

My Takeover of Howell 5/7/2012



This week was tougher than usual. Last night on a conference call with the Zone Leaders and other District Leaders it sounded like it was tough throughout the whole zone. I know in our district we had 3 former junior companions taking over the area and everyone’s numbers went down. At district . . . → Read More: My Takeover of Howell 5/7/2012

And…..Elder Rushton Becomes District Leader

Actually I’ve been District Leader before, but only Temporary Acting District Leader and only for one week ha-ha. Last night I got a call from President and he called me to be the District leader. With all the stuff that’s changing in our district, I’m going to be the most experienced missionary out of . . . → Read More: And…..Elder Rushton Becomes District Leader