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May 2012
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And…..Elder Rushton Becomes District Leader

Actually I’ve been District Leader before, but only Temporary Acting District Leader and only for one week ha-ha. Last night I got a call from President and he called me to be the District leader. With all the stuff that’s changing in our district, I’m going to be the most experienced missionary out of the 6 of us. Our mission President told me that we are officially the youngest district in the mission with me at 10 months, and the next person down at 4; two missionaries at 3; and we’re getting someone fresh out of the MTC. It’s pretty crazy.

 We had an OK week this week. Our numbers were a lot lower than normal and we only ended up teaching 17 lessons. We had no investigators show up for sacrament meeting which was pretty sad too. We did have about 4 less active families that we have been working with show up to church. It was really cool to see them all there. We are really close to getting a couple reactivations. Hopefully they work out.

 A lot of our investigators just totally failed us this week. I can’t tell you how many appointments we had set up that canceled about 30 minutes before we were supposed to meet. And like always, the flu only goes around on Sunday. We have a couple investigators that just happen to get sick or go to the ER every Saturday night. Its crazy how many people make excuses Sunday morning. The Saturday night before we usually have 4-5 hopefuls coming to church and then Sunday morning everyone bails. It gets frustrating pretty fast!

 I had another fun experience with a little girl in the ward.  Her sister got really sick last week and her family asked us to come over for dinner and to give her a blessing. Anyway, when we got there she ran up to me and said “Elder Rushton! I drew you a picture!” It reminded me a lot of Alexa –HA HA. Also, in Sacrament meeting yesterday we had a 5 year old kid that drew the missionaries a picture for our apartment.

  This transfer FLEW by. It seems like only yesterday I was unpacking my stuff in Howell. Now I’ve been here for a month and a half. I really enjoyed this past transfer and I am sad to see Elder Loutensock go. He is going to be a District Leader too but in another district. We saw a lot of miracles and had some pretty cool experiences together.  There are a lot of cool members here that I am excited to work more with. We have a lot of members that are starting to reach out and share the Gospel and it’s great. In the past 2 weeks we’ve had 5 different appointments where members have invited their friends. It has been awesome. People are so much more open and receptive when they are around their friends. And like I’ve told most of the members, it doesn’t matter what you say or if you say too much, the investigators will hear what the Spirit wants them to hear.

 Things in Howell are going great! Say hi to everyone in the ward for me and tell everyone in the family I love ‘em!


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