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May 2012
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Good Old Howell

(Erik got to call Mom on Mother’s Day!  It was great to hear his voice!  Several of the mission companions Erik has known or served with have recently returned home early for a variety of  reasons.  Erik said he is feeling really good himself, it’s just hard when these kinds of things happen.  He is getting used to filling out all the reports and making the phone calls he needs to as District Leader. He also mentioned that he getting to know more members of the ward in Howell and that has made it easier to get referrals from members. We told him to keep up the good work and we will pray for him and his mission !)

Letter from 5/24/2012

It was good to talk to everyone yesterday! But like I said, it doesn’t feel like it’s been 5 months since I called home on Christmas. 

It was a pretty stressful week for me with all the missionary drama going on.  It’s tough to watch missionaries that I consider really good friends go home.  But even with all the stuff going on, we were still able to have a pretty good week.

We have one really solid investigator on date for the 26th of May. He already counts himself as a member of the ward and everyone in the ward loves him too. He got a little discouraged about a week ago because he went to a Christian community service center and they tried to talk him out of being baptized. He’s really excited to be baptized and has been telling everyone he knows to come to his baptismal service. But when he told that Christian center he was going to be baptized, they tried really hard to talk him out of it. But he is doing much better now and was really happy that he came to church yesterday.

 Last week we had some pretty crazy rain storms. There was one thunderstorm that came through that dropped 6 inches of water in 30 minutes. It was crazy! We were driving home and I had to pull over because I couldn’t see anything because that rain was so thick. Plus it was dark which didn’t help. When we finally got home our whole parking lot was pretty flooded. Then a couple days ago we had a storm come through that had a tornado watch on it. Howell wasn’t in any real danger though. 

Well I don’t know if I have much more to write about. I think I pretty much told you guys everything on the phone yesterday. Hopefully I can do something to help the mission keep the missionaries here in the field! 

Well, hope everyone is doing well. It was good to get to talk to everyone yesterday. Love you guys!


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