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May 2012
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My Takeover of Howell 5/7/2012



This week was tougher than usual. Last night on a conference call with the Zone Leaders and other District Leaders it sounded like it was tough throughout the whole zone. I know in our district we had 3 former junior companions taking over the area and everyone’s numbers went down. At district meeting I encouraged everyone to try and make it around the ward to build trust with the members in the first week. Elder Simpson and I did that and it really helped. We have really good relationships with some members now and we were able to get some referrals out of it as well. We were able to have the Bishop come out teaching with us to a referral that he gave and it was really awesome. Yesterday during fast and testimony meeting we had a lot of members get up and share their experiences they had teaching with the missionaries and I think that also helped inspire more people in the ward. 

Being District Leader is just how I thought it was going to be. More paperwork and more having to call the zone leaders and other areas etc. I planned my first district meeting last week and I think it went OK. Luckily, I only have to plan 4 this transfer because we have 2 different Zone Conferences. 

So my new companion is Elder Simpson and he is from Washington State. He’s a pretty cool guy and we’ve gotten along well so far. We’ve just been trying to get to know everyone in the ward because Elder Loutensock and I didn’t make it around to everyone. Everything else in Howell is going ok right now. A lot of our investigators just disappeared last week and we haven’t been able to get in contact with most of them so that’s been frustrating. But we do have a couple hopefuls and one investigator that should be baptized soon if all goes well.  

This past week the weather has been really crazy. It got up to 95 on a couple of days and then the humidity was really high. We also had a severe thunderstorm warning come through and also a tornado watch. We had this super crazy rain storm pass through that dumped about 6 inches of water. Our apartment parking lot flooded pretty bad haha.  

Well, I hope everyone had a good week and is doing well. Hopefully I’ll have more to report on next week. Not a lot has changed here.


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