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June 2012
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6/4/2012 Time to Re-Build Howell

This week was a pretty awesome week for us! We had Zone Conference on Thursday which was a really good spiritual boost that I needed, and also a good reminder for things I need to do better. Plus it’s always fun to hang out with my missionary friends I haven’t seen in awhile!

The best miracle we had this week happened on Saturday and Sunday. Saturday morning we got a call from someone who is in the singles ward. She told us she had a friend in Howell that she talks to alot and they got on the topic of Mormons. She wanted to give him a Book of Mormon, but didn’t have any spares so she called us. We got in contact with him and just briefly talked about the Book of Mormon on his porch. We set up an appointment for Tuesday and gave him a chapter to read before then. We showed up for church Sunday morning and he was there waiting outside for us! We didn’t tell him about church, invite him to church or even leave him the address and he still showed up! It was easily the fastest I’ve ever had an investigator come to church after we meet them. It was definitely a reminder to me that we need to invite EVERYONE to church and not just the ones who have been investigating for awhile.

Other than that our week had a lot of ups and downs. We had 4 people really committed to church and we called them all on Friday, Saturday and Sunday to remind them. I really thought that this was finally the week we were going to be able to get a lot of people out to church. I got in contact with 2 of the 4 on 8:00AM Sunday morning and they both said they were going to come. And then they didn’t… go figure.

We had a good meeting with the Bishop last night. He had a meeting with the Stake President and they discussed the ward mission plan and what they can do to build the ward. The Bishop relayed that information to us and we had a good talk about what we all need to do to help the ward grow. We all agreed that the Howell members in general have become lazy as of late and the Bishop thinks that it’s because the ward has suffered a lot of disappointment in missionary work. In the past year and a half Howell has had 3 baptisms. And the last baptism turned out horribly. The girl was baptized on Saturday, confirmed on Sunday, and by Wednesday was completely anti-Mormon and threatened her husband with divorce if he ever went to sacrament meeting. So yeah, fun stuff.

At the beginning of this transfer I really stressed working with members to the district. It took about 4 weeks of serious member missionary work in Howell, but it is finally starting to pay off. We have gotten about 4 referrals specifically from members in the ward and 3 of them turned into solid investigators. The Bishopric has done really well lately by setting an example to the rest of the ward. The Bishop gave us 2 referrals and the first counselor invited us over to his house to teach his neighbor.

My companion has been making a TON of progress in the past week. I’ve had him be the one to start leading the lessons and that has been helping him a lot I think. Also, we have been planning the best we ever have been this transfer, and we’re having a lot more fun together. It’s always fun when your hard work starts paying off.

Things are going well in Howell. I really hope I get to stay another transfer ;)

-Elder Rushton



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