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July 2012
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Thunderstorm Week July 30th, 2012

This week was a tougher week for us. For starters, we’re coming up on the
end of the month so we had to cut back on our car miles. On top of that,
the Fowlerville fair was going on all week and I swear EVERYONE in Howell
and Fowlerville was there. It made tracting almost useless because nobody
was home. We couldn’t go walk around the fair like we did for Balloonfest
because you had to pay to get on the grounds and the city told us we
weren’t allowed to pass out cards or pamphlets or anything. So that made
things a little tough. We did get to go check it out with a member for a
little while though. It was reeeaaaally big and we got to hang out by
the monster trucks for a little bit. I wish I would’ve brought my camera
but I completely forgot it.

We had to sit through 3 crazy thunderstorms this week. They all dropped A
TON of rain and Friday morning our apartment complex had to send some
people out to drain out the bottom floor apartments because they flooded.
They also ripped out all the rain gutters and put new ones in. I guess the
winds got pretty strong one night too because there were a ton of downed
branches everywhere on Saturday and the power was out all over the place.
The power in our apartment never went out but the lights in the courtyard
kept shutting off and on. Also, somehow my bike got a flat tire sitting out
on the deck. I haven’t even ridden the thing in over a week!

Our teaching this week was not so great. Our two most “solid” investigators
have mysteriously disappeared. Both of their phones have been shut off and
they live so far away from us it’s a pain to stop by everyday. So now we’re
stuck only being able to potentially contact them when we’re in the area.

It get’s really frustrating watching people just up and disappear. Our
investigator teaching pool is getting really low so we’re probably going to
be doing some serious tracting this week.

We did have one really cool miracle this week. About 3 weeks ago we ran
into a less active at the library that nobody knew lived in the area. He
recently moved out here and is living in a 3/4 house for alcohol and drug
abuse recovery. Anyway, he found us at the library and told us that he
wants to change his life around and he knows the only way he can do it is
through God. We’ve invited him to attend church like 6 times but he’s been
going to a whole bunch of different churches to see what is out there. He
hasn’t actually been to an LDS church for about 6 years so he doesn’t
remember a whole lot. Anyway he showed up at church on Sunday and loved it!
He could only stay for sacrament because he had to get to work, but he
came! After sacrament the Bishop went and introduced himself and he is
going to meet with him this Thursday to get all his records transferred out
here and everything. It was pretty sweet!

Well I gotta bail but I hope everyone is doing well. Thanks for the letters
and everything!

Love Erik

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