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August 2012
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Last Week in Howell? Letter from Aug 27th 2012


This week was a pretty awesome week for us. I spent two days away from home which was kind of lame but I got to finally go down to Ypsilanti and meet a couple people that Elder Erickson told me about.  I spent a day and a half in Chelsea too with Elder Minick and that was really fun. Our district is doing awesome and I’ll be sad to leave it. We have 3 districts in our zone and we always have the highest numbers. Which is especially awesome because they other two districts have 4 companionships and we only have 3!! In the end though, numbers don’t really reflect your effort, but it is nice to have some stats to back up your decisions.

Nothing really new happened this week, but we had a lot of people make good progress. We had two investigators come to church and that was pretty sweet. Plus we had a lot of less active people that we have been working with finally come to church. Hopefully we can keep them coming out and get activated again. We helped another person move this week so I was a sore for a day or two again. It sucks not really having any time to work out at all except for the 30minutes we have in the morning. Oh well, I’ll fix it when I get home!

I don’t really know how emailing around labor day will work. I know our library will be closed and normally we would email Tuesday morning. But chances are I will be transferred that Tuesday but I’m still not sure how it’s going to work. We get transfer calls this upcoming Saturday and I’m still on the fence about leaving or staying. I would love to stay, but at the same time it’s nice to get a fresh start in a new area. Plus two of my favorite families have already moved out. And I don’t want to leave Howells apartment because it’s so awesome and big!

Last week I also taught someone how to change the strings on their guitar. I’m using skills from home more and more everyday! I ended up pulling out my guitar for awhile too because I was missing it. I’m starting to finally get ok on one of the songs out of the book you sent me while I was in Detroit. I’m going to be taking it to a family home evening tonight too so that should be fun. Other than that we don’t have to many special plans for this week. We have a lot of dinners set up though! Which is great because I’m starting to get tired of Wal-mart rice, tortillas and potatoes! Haha I have other stuff though so no need to worry.

Well, hope you guys have an awesome week! Love you and talk to you later!!




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