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September 2012
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Transferred to Warren Michigan!

So I did end up getting transferred out of Howell and I was pretty sad about it. I really really liked the ward and we had a few investigators that are SO CLOSE to baptism! Hopefully I’ll get to go back for those and hopefully I’ll have a chance to see the ward again. It is nice to get a fresh start in a new area though, and I’ve been around a couple of other missionaries that have loved it. The area is pretty big – about as big as Romeo was – and we cover a small part of Detroit as well. Our apartment is ok but nowhere near as nice as Howells, but I was expecting that. My new companion says it’s a pretty middle class area with a lot of white people kind of like Howell. It sounds like there is a lot of good things going on here right now so I am pretty excited!

My companion’s name is Elder Stark and he is from Alabama (so far I’ve only had one companion from Utah which amazes me.) He used to be in my missionary district when I was in Romeo so I already knew him pretty well. He’s been in Warren for 5 months which is nice because he already knows all about it. I’m glad I get to work at least part of the city again too.

Other than that not to much new stuff is happening. I’ll have more info on the area next week. I’m no longer district leader but Elder Stark is— so I’m still near one. I actually liked being a District Leader a lot, and I hope I get to do it again if Elder Stark leaves next transfer. But that is at least six weeks away.

I’m on the watch for cold weather so I’ll let you know when I need my thermal stuff. It probably won’t be until November. Last year it didn’t even snow until the week before Christmas. I just get nervous because the leaves are already starting to drop out here and in Utah that means it could snow any day!

Well, hope you guys have an awesome week!!




31355 Mound Rd apt D

Warren, MI




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