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September 2012
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The Inner city is My Element—Erik letter 9/10/2012

My first week in Warren was a pretty eventful week and I was really happy with it. This is my first time in the Bloomfield Hills stake so I have now officially been in all four stakes that our mission covers. But I don’t know anybody in leadership or anything in the stake so when we had stake conference yesterday; I had no idea who anyone was! Plus the stake presidency got reorganized yesterday so there’s probably going to be some mass confusion these next few weeks.

We found a bunch of new people to teach this week which was awesome! Of course, it’s not too hard to find people to teach in Detroit, it’s just hard to get them to actually learn and keep commitments! We ended up finding 5 new investigators this week and 13 potential investigators which is almost my record amount of potentials in one week. I looked through the past few months of records for Warren and found that missionaries are only teaching about 2 member lessons a week so Elder Stark and I set a goal to work with members more. I’m happy about that because in Howell I was teaching about 7 member lessons a week and it really helped build our relationship with the ward and secure a lot of referrals from people. Plus it gets us free food!!

We currently have 4 people set on a baptism date and two of those are really really promising. Plus, we had one investigator make the long trip to stake conference which was amazing! We talked to him afterwards and these are his exact words – - “I’m really glad I came today, God told me exactly what I needed to hear.” It was really cool! We have a couple of investigators that are really promising and I’m really happy about the new ones we found this week too.
Overall things with me and Elder Stark are going well. I was able to work with him a little bit while I was in Romeo and he was in Rochester but that was almost a year ago now. I was surprised by how much better of teachers we have become and we’ve been able to work together pretty easily. I’ve had to change my teaching style a little bit to fit the city again, and Elder Stark and I have been trying to balance our teaching evenly but overall everything is going well. 
So I think I told you guys about the missionary series called “The District” that the church was only allowing for missionaries. Well I just found out they put it online at If you go to the website you have to log in (I think you can log in just with your username) and then on the right hand side click on “pre-mtc training.” That takes you to a page with a bunch of things that get you ready to go to the MTC and at the bottom is a section titled “The District.” It is a SWEET series that is filmed in the same style as the Office and it takes you through all the things that missionaries do in terms of planning and teaching. The District 2 is the best and one but District 1 has some awesome moments in it to. If you really want to know what it’s like for me out here, these episodes highlight it all. So check them out for Family Home Evening or something. I watch them at least once a month ha-ha.
Well hope you guys are all doing well. I’m sad Hanna is gone, but if you look in the Bible dictionary under the Revelation of John it confirms that animals go to heaven too!
Love you all!

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