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September 2012
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Guns, Pimps and Weed, Oh My!


This week was an AWESOME week for us! For starters, we hit 27 lessons this week which ties my record for number of lessons taught in one week. Plus we have an investigator that is on baptismal date for the 30th come to church! We have 3 people on baptismal date right now and 2 of them are really promising. So pray we can have this one on September 30th!

Again this week I found myself realizing just how inner city the inner city is!– haha. I remember all the stories people told me about Detroit before I came out here… and now I’m living in the heart of it! And the funny thing is, after living in it for about a week, you start to just become desensitized to everything. Like on Saturday, we were having a lesson with a member on his porch and we heard “BANG BANG!” maybe 3 or 4 streets over. We all turned to look at each other and then all at the same time we said, “gunshot,” then we resumed with our spiritual lesson. Not to scare you guys or anything, but that stuff just happens everyday out here.

The other day we were stopped at a red light and we saw this group of girls all talking to this guy who was dressed in a really nice suit. Elder Stark goes “wait are they doing what I think they’re doing??”  Add that to the number of people who don’t try to even hide the fact that their smoking weed, and that’s Detroit.

I finally got to meet the whole ward this week and they are pretty awesome. We had about 70 people at church this Sunday which is expected when you have a ward that takes in part of Detroit. We had a new ward mission leader called and he is going to be great. They picked the perfect person for the job and I look forward to working with him. We talked a little bit yesterday about some needs for the ward and we set up a correlation time with him for later this week. We’re going to be starting to do some serious member work in this ward to in hopes of raising our number of referrals and getting more members to lessons.

Well, I’m almost out of time so I better bail. I hope you guys are doing well and having an awesome fall. I hate the fact that the weather is getting cooler, but it’s been nice to work in cool temperatures again!

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