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October 2012
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Fun Times at the Zoo—Letter from 10/1/2012


This week started off awesome but by the end it got kind of frustrating. The Detroit Zoo was pretty cool but it was about half the size (or maybe less) than Utah’s Zoo. They did have a heck of a lot more penguins and gorillas than Utah’s though! Detroit Zoo’s biggest attraction though are their Polar Bears and they weren’t even around when we went. Although, talking to other members, everyone said the Polar Bears are almost never there. It was still a fun trip though. 

I had another cool music type experience this week. There is a member in the ward we try and visit pretty frequently and we were down at his house in Detroit on Tuesday when he told me he had a recording studio in his basement. I was like “wait? you can have a recording studio in Detroit and not be worried about getting robbed???” haha. We went downstairs so I could see it and it was nothing spectacular right now but it was better than anything else I’ve seen so far out here. Anyway we got to talking about music software and he mentioned that he got this new midi software but wasn’t really sure how to set it up. I asked him what it was and low and behold it was Reason 5! So I helped him set it up and then we played around with it for a bit so I could teach him how to use it. Once again that’s another skill I never thought I would be using out here.

The hardest part of the week was this weekend. We were supposed to have a baptism yesterday but our investigator had to work and that took over everything. He’s still super determined to get baptized though and we’ll hopefully be having the service in two weeks. We also had no investigators come to church which was kind of lame. Everything we do during the week really builds up to sacrament meeting and when none of our investigators come to church that really sucks. But oh well, hopefully next week we can get some.

Other than that our week went relatively smooth as usual. We were able to find a couple new people and two more really promising investigators. Right now we have two baptisms  scheduled to happen in October and two baptisms scheduled to happen in November. So keep your fingers crossed!! We have a ton of people that were working with right now and most of them are progressing really well. The ward is really focused on getting people to come back to church because we have a lot of less active members and right now we have a lot of them that are really progressing well.

I’m going to send home another SD card today with pictures from out trip to the zoo and also pictures of a Camaro SS that one of our ward members took us for a ride in. It was pretty fun and he was willing to let me drive it but I couldn’t…missionary rules…

Well I’m running out of time! Thanks everyone for all the letters and everything you’ve sent! Missionaries love letters!

Love, Erik

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