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October 2012
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Two Year Expiration Date —Letter from 9/24/2012


I think it’s kind of funny and sad that once the stuff you bought for your mission reaches the ripe old age of two years, it starts to fall apart. The first thing that broke was my original badge from the MTC. It literally split in half on August 29, 2012 – almost exactly two years from when I entered the MTC. Other two year items – my bike which has been giving me issues lately, my backpack has needed a few stitching repairs, one of my suit pants pockets ripped the other day, I’ve had to re-stitch a couple buttons on my white shirts and I had to through two of them out last week, and the watch I bought in the MTC just died last week. Missionary stuff really does have a two year lifespan!

Our week as a whole was really cool. On Monday I had a cool experience regarding my guitar. We were just getting home and as I was unlocking our apartment door, one of our neighbors came downstairs and asked “so which one of you has the guitar?” I started thinking “great, I’m playing to loud for this guy,” and I told him that I was the one playing. He goes “You’re pretty good! Do you play any Christian music?” I told him that’s pretty much about all I play right now and I told him about the church and how we’re missionaries. He told me he gets together with a couple guys every so often to have a jam session and play Christian soft rock and that I was invited. I told him to let me know when they get together because I’d love to come and he said OK! It was pretty cool.

Our baptism that we have set for Sept30 looks like it will happen! He is 19 years old. He has a pretty cool story too. He’s been taught by missionaries since he was about 11 years old but never really got all that into in until his dad passed away. His dad was Mormon, his mom isn’t, and they took their kids to a lot of different churches to see what they liked. He was the only one that really wanted to keep meeting with the missionaries, but he never really had a desire to be baptized. Everyone in the ward already knows and loves him too!

We had are next strongest investigator at church yesterday which was awesome. She’s on date to be baptized at the end of October and is progressing really well. I really like it when we find the people who have the perfect questions, read everything we leave and take a ton of notes. The Lord really does prepare people for us! That makes it really easy to forget about all of those mean people that we run into.

Lately I’ve been listening to a lot of the “Legacy” series that broadcasts. They’re really good! They have an episode all about Mormon Myths that I like but my favorite so far is probably the one about Porter Rockwell. You guys should check it out!

Well, I hope you guys are doing awesome and I hope you’re enjoying the new dog. You can break her in for me so when I get home I can hang out with her. Thanks for everything!




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