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November 2012
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Devils Night Round 2

Most missionaries don’t get the chance to spend one Devil’s Night in Detroit, let alone two. Of course most people wouldn’t even want to spend one there! But I spent two and survived so I’m pretty proud of that! There were fires and guns and police and explosions and fire trucks and drugs and…. actually nothing really crazy happened. From what I’ve heard nothing really happened anywhere and it was all calm and quiet where I was. On Halloween though, Warren’s mayor held a press conference and encouraged everyone to postpone their trick-or-treating until Nov.2 because they were worried about the weather from hurricane Sandy. Most of that quieted down Wednesday morning so the weather actually wasn’t too bad on Halloween. We still had to go inside at 7pm though because the mission didn’t want us out in Detroit. 

This week actually turned out pretty good for us. It sucked dealing with the weather on Monday and Tuesday though. It was SUPER windy and rained on and off all day. It was virtually impossible to go tracting on either of those days though because nobody wanted to open their door because of the cold wind, and the wind made it ridiculously impossible to try and yell through a glass door. 

We had an interesting experience on Friday. We got a call from a couple other missionaries about an investigator they were teaching that was moving into our area. They said she needed some help moving in and we said we could do it. Well we called her up and she made it sound like they only had a small truck to unload and then they were done, but when we got there we realized it was a full on U-haul semi that they hadn’t even starting unloading. It was about 5pm when we got there, and they had to return the truck by 8pm or else they would get charged an extra day. So we made some emergency calls in the ward and we were able to get a good amount of people there which was nice. I was so sore the next day though! 

Probably the coolest thing from this past week happened on Sunday. Our current strongest investigator came to church and also brought her neighbor who is also interested. In Gospel Principles her neighbor kept asking awesome questions and we’re meeting with her tonight! But even better – In Relief Society our investigator, Natasha, was asked to introduce herself. When she got up to introduce herself she was like “I’m Natasha, and I’m getting baptized on November 24!” It was pretty awesome!

We have Dallin H Oaks coming to our mission to speak this Saturday and I’m pretty excited about that. It’ll be my first time hearing an apostle, and he’s only speaking to about a ground of 100 so that’s pretty personal. And he’s speaking directly to OUR mission. It’s going to be pretty cool. Last week we had a meeting that was specifically focused on preparing us to hear him speak. Everyone in the mission is really excited!

Well, talk to you later!  


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