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December 2012
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Musical Missionary Christmas Dec 10th letter


In our apartment right now we have a guitar, trumpet, piano, cello, harmonica and jew harp. Of all the companionships in our mission, Elder Jackson and I probably have the most musical instruments. Hopefully our neighbors don’t hate us! Elder Jackson is playing as a piano accompanist for three different people at our mission Christmas party on the 21st, playing cello at the mission fireside on the 20th and playing cello in the warren ward sacrament meeting the Sunday before Christmas. I’m playing trumpet with Pres. Barberis who is a counselor to Pres. Holmes at the mission Christmas party and then guitar at the warren ward Christmas party on the 15th. Plus Elder Jackson and I are going to combine to play a guitar and cello duet at the ward party where I will mainly play piano chords on guitar while he plays the melody on cello. So we have a lot of practicing to do!


This week was a really slow week for us. Mainly because we were home confined for basically three days. On Thursday we had a lesson with an investigator who’s kids were sick and sure enough both Elder Jackson and I woke up sick Friday morning. I really wasn’t to bad because all I really had was a head cold. But Elder Jackson was pretty much dying all day with a really bad stomach bug. So on Friday we didn’t even leave our apartment and I ended up having to call four different people to cancel appointments. On Saturday I was feeling pretty much better except for a headache but Elder Jackson was still feeling pretty bad and sore from throwing up all day and night. So Saturday we went to one appointment and then correlation but that was pretty much it. Sunday though I was fine and Elder Jackson was feeling a lot better so we were able to get some stuff done.


We have one investigator on baptism date for December 22 and she should make it! I’m like 95% sure right now that she will make it. So we really will be having a white Christmas this year! It’s sweet to be able to help people change their entire life and come closer to Christ right before the new year. What better way to start 2013?


Anyway, things are going well overall in Warren. I’m really looking forward to an awesome Christmas this year with all the parties and the baptism and everything. I hope everyone is doing well and having a good Christmas! Love you guys!



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